If The Legal Challenges Fall Short, President Trump Should Immediately Announce His 2024 Bid

Trump 2024

This weekend, tens of thousands of Trump supporters will make their way to Washington, DC from every corner of this country to show their support for President Trump.

The March for Trump, which is being sponsored by Women for America First, will rally at Freedom Plaza and then march to the steps of the Supreme Court.

This massive DC rally comes on the heels of hundreds of smaller rallies that have spontaneously happened all across the country, in the wake of the Presidential election.

What do these rallies show? They show that the base of the Republican Party is firmly behind President Trump.

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What does it mean for Trump? It means that he has the support necessary to exhaust every legal challenge available to him in making sure that every legal vote is counted.

The Future Of The Republican Party

It means something much bigger for the future of the Republican Party. Simply put, this is Trump’s party now.

If for some reason the legal challenges being mounted by President Trump and his campaign fall short, and Biden is sworn in as the President in January, then Trump should immediately announce his intention to seek the Republican nomination in 2024.

The old Republican coalition – which included neocons, unbridled free traders, open borders advocates and Wall Street firsters – is dead.

The new Republican coalition, which relies heavily on working class voters, rural voters and increasing numbers of Latinos, blacks, Asian-Americans and LGBT individuals – is the coalition that Trump put together.

So far, there has been little evidence that the new Republican coalition exists without Trump. Indeed, the difference between the 2018 nightmare in the House for Republicans and the shocking 2020 gains made by Republicans in the House was Trump’s name on the ballot.

The Old Coalition Is Dead

While the old coalition is dead, the establishment isn’t prepared to admit that is case. The establishment has been lying in wait, waiting for the moment to declare the Trump moment over. We have already seen the Romneys, Boltons, and Michael Steeles of the world planning for a post-Trump Republican Party.

The party cannot afford to have a vacuum that would allow the establishment to try to dig up the corpse of the old Republican coalition and Dr. Frankenstein it back to life.

The way to stop the establishment dead in their tracks and the way to keep the new Republican coalition together is for President Trump to immediately declare his intention to run for the Republican nomination in 2024.

Trump To Run In 2024

Trump and his campaign would immediately become a shadow Presidency. He could continue to rally Republicans – first in Georgia to guarantee we keep the Senate – and then in 2022, where he can lead the effort to fire Nancy Pelosi and return a Republican majority in the House.

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The energy and enthusiasm in the Republican party is with President Trump. The coalition that Trump put together in 2016 and 2020 needs Trump.

I am confident that one day the new Republican coalition will be secure enough in our control of the party that we can succeed with Trump at the top of the ticket. We are not there yet.

Joe Biden is not the President yet, he’s not even the President-elect yet. It is entirely possible that the President’s legal challenges will be successful and that Trump will be sworn in for a second term in January. In the event, however, that doesn’t happen – we still need Trump.

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