Huffington Post: Mia Love Enjoys “White Privilege”

“White privilege” is an oftentimes meaningless, selectively applied label that liberals use to dismiss opinions they don’t like, but aren’t able to refute. It long ago crossed the line from overused to borderline farcical. (Typical example: “You think a totally socialized health care system could get expensive and want to know how we’d pay for that? Well, I’m not going to dignify your question with a response. You only have such concerns because of your white privilege!”) But now, liberals are accusing newly elected Republican congresswoman of exploiting her “white privilege.” Wait, what?

Last time I checked, Mia Love is black.


The most fascinating treatise about Love — thus far — comes via The Huffington Post where Darron Smith, a desperately confused blogger with a Ph.D. in education, accuses Love of benefiting from a form of “white privilege.”

Smith, who is somehow on a first-name basis with Love as he writes, lauds Love as a super-duper minority member: black, a woman and a Mormon to boot.

He can’t understand, though, how Love doesn’t agree with his own political ideology. Because she disagrees with him, he declares that the principles she espouses go against her interests — because of the color of her skin and the sexual organs she possesses.

“Love’s political convictions show a strong support for values that do not necessarily represent her interests as a member in any of these oppressed groups,” Smith writes.

Leave it to HuffPo, a site founded by a white woman that is incredibly popular with the Lexus Liberal demographic, to accuse a black woman of not being “truly” black and suggesting they know more about this topic than she does. In a way, it’s laughable. But it’s also incredibly condescending, and–let’s face it–racist.

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