Howard Stern Unloads on Anti-Israel Caller; Explains Israel-Palestine Conflict (NSFW)

Howard Stern tells it like it is. Although he’s often mistaken for a liberal, he doesn’t hesitate to barbecue the left’s sacred cows. Last week, Stern took down an anti-Israel caller, summarizing the Israel-Palestine conflict in simple, yet hilarious, terms. (Needless to say: NSFW – Not Safe For Work. Even though it’s a serious topic, it’s still Howard Stern.)

Stern started unloading on the caller as soon as he trotted out the word “Zionist.”

When baited by Hanzi about the current situation in Gaza, Stern, who is Jewish, cut him off.

“I don’t change my f%$#ing tune [about Israel]; Israel’s at no fault,” he said.

He continued speaking about the situation for another five minutes, covering his version of Israeli history — “it was a little s#$%hole, it was a desert” — calling out musician Roger Waters for his boycott of Israel — and discussing Israelis’ and Palestinians’ median incomes.

But that’s not even the half of it. Listen to the audio in its entirety – Stern took a sledgehammer to more than a few PC talking points about Israel, delivering truth in a way only he can.

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