Dems Ripped After Jill Biden’s White House Christmas Decorations Poorly Compare To Melania’s

First Lady Jill Biden revealed her version of the White House Christmas decorations and we have a few questions.

First Lady Jill Biden revealed her version of the White House Christmas decorations, and we have a few questions.

Mrs. Biden – or Dr. Biden, as liberals insist on calling her – unveiled the decorations just a few short weeks ago, leading to a reflexive fawning by the national media.

If you recall – the left was in absolute hysterics over all of First Lady Melania Trump’s elegant design choices – including her Christmas decor.

Case in point: the New York Times, for example, gushed that the White House decorations now look “normal” as opposed to what Melania Trump had done in decorating.

“Gone are the blood-red trees. Gone are the icy, sparkling boughs and the imagery of a woman isolated in a winter wonderland (or a horror story, depending on your point of view),” they wrote.

“In their place: red-and-white striped knit stockings with green heels dangling brightly from a hearth, family photos, handwritten thank-you notes and an arch of presents in bright red boxes.”

You mean, this arch, that looks like something kids should be playing in at a local McDonald’s?

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Trump Jr. Slams The White House Christmas Decorations

In addition to the elementary school gift box playground, there is a horrid display in the White House East Colonnade.

“Jill Biden’s Colonnade is a lower-key presentation (than Melania’s), with shooting stars and peace doves hanging from the ceiling,” writes the Washington Post.

Peace doves?

Seriously, how many Smurfs were sacrificed to create that sea of blue bubbles? What are those supposed to be?

Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t mask his disdain for the White House Christmas decorations. In a post on Instagram Trump wrote, “If we lower our expectations any further we’re gonna turn into a S-hole country.”

His comments may have been a reference to a Washington Post article stating that Americans shouldn’t complain about supply chain issues and high prices as the holidays approach, they should simply lower their expectations for the future.

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Melania Was Repeatedly Ripped For Her Decorations

Former First Lady Melania Trump was repeatedly mocked by the media for her White House decorations. Some suggested the decorations were a quiet message of support to Russia, while others had their fun with the hall of ‘blood’ red Christmas trees.

Vice called the 2018 unveiling of Melania’s White House Christmas decorations the “Christmas from Hell” while Slate Magazine referred to the setup as the “red Christmas trees of death.”

Mrs. Trump countered by arguing that “everybody has a different taste” and that “they look even more beautiful” in real life.

“I think they look fantastic,” she bragged.

They were certainly far more elegant than Dr. Jill Biden’s effort. We have a suggestion to class up the place a bit, however.

Perhaps add these elegant, terrific, some would say the best, Trump decorations to the mantle.

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