On Monday night, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a massive 5,600-page, $900 billion coronavirus relief and stimulus bill.

It was passed just a few hours after it was released, meaning it was literally impossible for members of Congress to actually read it.

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Who Could Have Possibly Read This Bill? Nobody

The bill authorized $1.4 trillion in spending and included $600 stimulus checks for American households and a temporary extension of federal unemployment benefits by $300, which is half of the $600 paid out earlier this year.

The bill will now head to the Senate after passing the House, passed 359-53.

Like so much Washington legislation, the bill is littered with items unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic.

Like $10 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan, along with a whole host of billions for foreign countries.

The fact that no one in Congress could possibly have time to read this bill was pointed out by a number of Republicans, and Democrat Tulsi Gabbard.

Rand Paul Breaks It Down

Sen. Rand Paul broke down the numbers.

“Deficit busting bill will be 5,593 pages!” Paul tweeted.  “If 250 words per page, then that’s 1,398,250 words.”

“If Congresspeople read at the American average of 300 words/min (a big assumption),” Paul calculated, “then a Congressperson might read this in 4,660 minutes or 77.68 hours! (if no rest breaks).”

Republican Congressman Thomas Massie tweeted, “Reminder: The House has a rule to give everyone 72 hours to read the bills. Every Democrat in the House voted to suspend that rule and that’s why we’re voting on a 5500+ page bill tonight with less than 8 hours to read it.”

‘Don’t Vote For Anyone Who Voted For This. It’s Not Okay’

“They passed 5,593 pages they didn’t read,” tweeted former Republican turned Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash. “America, stop letting this happen.”

“Don’t vote for anyone who voted for this. It’s not okay,” he added. “Representative government is important. Too many people have come to accept oligarchy.”

“This doesn’t end well,” Amash finished.

As the House bill now heads to the Senate, Sen. Rand Paul predicted earlier on Monday, “My guess Big Spenders in Both Parties will pass this without anybody ever really reading it.”

“Not me,  I’m a no.”

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Tulsi, Right On Time

How many Republicans will stand up to this reckless spending in a bill that no one even read?

We know the Democrats won’t. Well, at least one did…

Tulsi gave the most succinct breakdown on the broken bill, the broken process that created it, and the broken institution that passed it: