As we all learned earlier this month, the FBI declined to recommend charges in the Hillary Clinton email scandal saying her willful disregard of national security in handling classified data on a server stored in her bathroom wasn’t worthy of charges. She was just “extremely careless,” as director James Comey explained.

The miscarriage of justice is even more egregious when you consider the case of Marine Corps Maj. Jason Brezler, who sent a single classified document from his personal e-mail address in an effort to save the lives of his fellow Marines.

The comparison between the plight of Maj. Jason Brezler and Hillary Clinton is perfectly captured in the following meme …

Hillary meme

Indeed, Brezler was dismissed from the Marine Corps when he “accidentally took home 14 documents on his personal computer, some of which were classified.” According to the report, Brezler was “in a graduate school class when he received an urgent email from military officials in Afghanistan and sent a specific document in response, using his personal email account.”

Brezler was first investigated after sending a warning to deployed colleagues about an Afghan police chief whose servant later killed three Marines.

Hillary was first investigated after being sued for FOIA scrutiny that she was trying to avoid in the first place by hiding her e-mails.

Brezler should have been allowed to keep his job, and possibly hailed as a hero.

Hillary? Well, as Trump supporters chanted at last week’s RNC convention, she probably should have been ‘locked up.’

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