Hillary Just Got Caught In a Major Lie About Her Fellow Democrats, and They Are FURIOUS!

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Are we living in a world where up is down and red is blue?

Hillary Clinton, whose entire career is a series of lies, from ‘a YouTube video caused Benghazi’ to ‘we were under sniper fire in Bosnia,’ just got caught in another serious fabrication.

That’s not what is odd – the stunning part is that some Democrats are actually calling her out on it.

Recently, team Clinton put out a list of endorsements – one allegedly from 50 current and former African-American mayors, and another listing 90 national and local officials from Texas that the campaign claimed offered their support.

Just one problem – some of them never endorsed her.

First up was Ivy Taylor of San Antonio:

On Monday, the campaign released a list of “Hillary’s Texas Leadership Council” that included endorsements in the Lone Star State. That list had included Mrs. Taylor, one of the most prominent African-American women to lead a major American city. But Mrs. Taylor promptly said that she had not endorsed Mrs. Clinton for president and did not plan on doing so.

Then came Tommy Calvert of Bexar County:

Shortly after The Texas Tribune reported the mix-up with Mrs. Taylor, another Democratic official on the list who is also African-American, Tommy Calvert, a commissioner in Bexar County, which includes San Antonio, said he had also been erroneously included on the campaign’s Texas endorsement list.

He told the Tribune that he had expressed to three separate campaigns staff members that he was not endorsing Mrs. Clinton. “I don’t know how there could be any confusion,” he said.

Then there was Dennis Williams, the mayor of Wilmington, Delaware, who not only said he wouldn’t endorse Clinton, but added he would throw his support behind vice-president Joe Biden:

While these Democrats are calling Hillary out for her latest lies, Clinton has failed to respond.

We’re quite sure that these black, Democrat politicians will simply be labeled as part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” Hillary blames for all her troubles!

Comment:  Does Hillary Clinton have Compulsive Lying Disorder?  We want to know what you think.

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