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Here’s How ‘Seriously’ Hillary Clinton Actually Takes Classification!

Hillary emails

Despite FBI Director James Comey scolding Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State, the Democrat insists she still takes classification very seriously!

However, the facts simply do not back up Mrs. Clinton’s ridiculous claim as we have just learned Hillary never attended the highest level of security training at the State Department back in 2009.

From The Daily Caller:

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton failed to complete the highest level of security training mandated by the Department of State for the proper handling of the government’s most secret documents when she entered the department in 2009, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation under the Freedom of Information Act.

According to the documents, Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, her deputy chief, both completed required training on the handling of “Special Compartmented Information” (SCI) when they entered the department.

A document signed by Mills Jan. 29, 2009, and one signed by Abedin the next day indicated that both officials “Completed SCI indoctrination,” or top-level security training.

Missing from Tuesday’s release was any signed document confirming that Clinton completed the SCI training course.

How can Hillary Clinton actually claim to take classification seriously when she never participated in the training required by the State Department? She cannot be trusted with America’s secrets and cannot be trusted in the White House!

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