Hate is such a strong word. That’s why were labeling this an ‘intense dislike.’

A new Gallup poll is a stark reminder that the American people still intensely dislike two-time loser and corrupt crook Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s popularity, bad as it has been in the many months following the election, has now reached historically low levels.

The poll, which was conducted earlier this month, has Clinton dipping to a horrific 36% favorable rating.

The media loves low poll numbers for nationally recognized politicians, so it’ll be fascinating to see all the coverage these results receive.

“Hillary Clinton’s image has declined since June and is now the worst Gallup has measured for her to date,” the polling firm reports. “Her favorable rating has fallen five percentage points since June to a new low of 36%, while her unfavorable rating has hit a new high of 61%.”

Clinton’s previous low number was 38% in early September during the 2016 election. She posted a similar number in April of 1992, a lesser known political figure at the time.

It’s hard to imagine why Americans despise Clinton so much. Aside from the corruption, cold detachment from reality, and disdain for the everyday citizen, what’s not to like?

Actually, it’s hard to figure out how Hillary’s numbers ever climbed above 38% in the first place.

A Vanity Fair article from 1993 profiled her saying “Washingtonians have come to regard the White House as a version of Clue, in which the latest rumor is always a variation of Colonel Hillary in the Library with a Knife.”

“The First Lady has thrown (a) a vase, (b) a lamp, or (c) a Bible; at (a) her husband, (b) a Secret Service agent, or (c) a steward; (a) in the private quarters, (b) at Blair House, or (c) in a limo,” the article states. “When the president comes downstairs one morning with scratches on his face, reporters at the next two press briefings are obsessed with wild, salacious speculation.”

Seems charming.

Perhaps these poll numbers are exactly why Democrats don’t want Hillary anywhere near them.

“I wish she’d just shut the f— up and go away,” one Clinton fundraiser said.

It’s not all bad news for the Clinton’s, however. No wait, yes it is.

Former President Bill Clinton’s favorable ratings have also dropped 5 percent, his lowest number since March of 2001.

How do you view Hillary Clinton – Favorably or unfavorably? Share your thoughts below!

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