After an interviewer confused two prominent black Democrats, Hillary Clinton corrected her and joked, “I know they all look alike.”

The controversial comments took place as part of a live taping of “Recode Decode” in which Clinton also admitted she’d still “like to be President.”

Aside from the cringe-worthy thought that Clinton might be President someday, came a racially charged comment that could easily be filed under ‘Imagine if President Trump had said this.’

Interviewer Kara Swisher confused Senator Cory Booker and former Attorney General Eric Holder during the Q&A session, asking “What do you think of Cory Booker … saying, ‘Kick them in the shins’?”

Clinton offered a correction noting it was Holder who said to kick Republicans and adding, “I know they all look alike.”

The crowd reacts to Hillary’s racist comments

Aside from the fact that Clinton went with a concept or phrase the New York Times has described as “racially loaded,” the crowd’s reaction says it all: Audible gasps followed by hearty laughter. Almost as if they just heard a racist comment, paused for a moment, then realized it was Hillary – a Democrat – so therefore it was perfectly acceptable.

There is the other possibility as to what she was saying though. Take a closer look … does it seem like Clinton, not exactly the ever-lovable Gam Gam she likes to think of herself as, is trying to mock the reporter for being racist herself?

Hillary is never held accountable for racism

There’s little to no doubt that President Trump or anyone in the Republican Party – joking at the reporter’s expense or otherwise – would have gotten away with such a comment.

In fact, Hillary herself has persistently called Trump racist for even the most mundane and common sense things, such as supporting the National Anthem.

Hillary and the Clinton family in general, however, always get a free pass.

This is, after all, a woman who once called black youth “superpredators” that we “must bring … to heel.”

A woman who took on a ‘black voice‘ for a ‘black audience’ at the First Baptist Church of Selma, Alabama, in 2007.

Clinton once told an African-American radio host that she always carries “hot sauce” in her bag.

Then there were the numerous comments from both Bill and Hillary Clinton that the nation’s first black President was not qualified for the job.

“A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee,” Clinton famously told the late Senator Ted Kennedy in trying to prop up his wife.

Tough to say, but maybe the Clinton’s do think all black people look alike and that all stereotypes apply to them.