Hilarious Leaked Video Shows Tucker Carlson Ripping Fox News Employees Who Have Pronouns In Their Bio

A newly leaked behind the scenes video shows Tucker Carlson mocking Fox News employees that have pronouns in their Twitter bio.
Screenshot: Twitter Video - @MattGertz

Media Matters For America (MMFA) is seemingly working overtime to make Tucker Carlson look more and more like the legend he is.

The far-left blog, led by senior fellow Matthew Gertz, has released yet another leaked video of Carlson speaking behind the scenes in an effort to make him look like a terrible person.

As with all of their other endeavors, the video simply makes the former Fox News host more likable and funny.

The latest clip that has Gertz and MMFA certifiably verklempt shows Carlson discussing Fox employees who have pronouns in their Twitter bios.

“She’s got a lot of liberals working over there,” he said, purportedly referencing a network executive.

“And, you know, they see this as war and we’re the main force on the other side. And like, that’s crazy,” Carlson continued. “If you’ve got pronouns in your Twitter bio, you shouldn’t work here because we can’t trust you because you’re on the other side.”

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Tucker Carlson Hilariously Hammers Pronoun-Happy Fox News Employees

Tucker Carlson said he’d not name names about those using pronouns in their Twitter bio, but pointed out they shouldn’t be working at Fox News.

“I said, ‘I’m not going to name names because I don’t know who did it,'” he said after indicating he’d been asked who did it.

“And I’m definitely not going to cast aspersions on someone unfairly. Just because you’re liberal doesn’t mean you did this. It does mean you shouldn’t work here,” Carlson added. “And Roger would never put up with this shit. Why would you do that?”

Roger is former Fox CEO Roger Ailes, who passed away in 2017, and it appears to be a dig at News Corp executive chairman Rupert Murdoch and Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch.

Carlson also took a jab at somebody on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s staff, describing them as “horrible” and “a screaming left-wing lunatic.”

“Yeah, that guy’s like a screaming left-wing lunatic. Why does he work here?” he wondered. “He totally dicked over his anchor, and then we expect he’s not going to dick over the network.”

“Like, I don’t have specific information on it, but I would. It’s just. Yeah, it’s crazy.”

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F*** You, Media Matters

It’s interesting to think who might be leaking these videos to Media Matters. And honestly, I’m not sure if they’re doing it as a means to make fun of the group releasing them, or trying to make Fox look bad.

Because none of these videos thus far have made Tucker Carlson look bad. But they have made MMFA look bad.

In one of the clips posted by Gertz last week, the former Fox News host tells MMFA to “go f*** yourself.”

“Hey, Media Matters for America, go fuck yourself!” he declares flipping a double bird. “That’s the first thing I want to say tonight.”

Just an absolute legend.

In another clip, Carlson jokes about discussing sexual “technique” with Piers Morgan.

“If we’re going to talk about sex, I’d love to hit some of the fine points of technique, but, you know, but it’s your show,” he joked. “It’s totally up to you.”

Honestly, these Tucker Carlson clips are a Rorschach test for insanity. If you view them and are appalled, you’re most likely a left-wing lunatic with zero sense of humor and prospects for dating.

If you view them and think Carlson is funny and likable you’re … well, you’re normal.

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