High Schoolers Stage Huge Walk Out to Protest Against Woke Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policy

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The left-wing talking heads on television and social media love to bloviate on the strength and courage of kids asserting their First Amendment rights to protest for climate change or gun control, to name a few. But when kids protest something the left is pushing, that’s a different story.

Hundreds of teenagers staged a walkout at a Pennsylvania High School after their school board refused to vote on a policy requiring people to use the appropriate bathroom. Simply put, the kids walked out because the school board is okay with boys using the girl’s bathroom and vice versa.

I’ll be honest: when I first heard of this, I had to dig deep into the story because I felt surely there was a typo; after all, isn’t Generation Z very pro-LGBT culture?

Perhaps what the left wants you to believe about America’s youth isn’t entirely accurate, at least not in this Pennsylvania school district.

Someone has to protect girls

This month, hundreds of high school students in the Perkiomen Valley School District in Pennsylvania walked out of school in protest.

The students were protesting the school board’s decision not to approve a new policy submitted that stated:

“No person shall enter a restroom, locker room, or show that is designated for the use of the opposite sex. Any student who has a need or desire for increased privacy should be provided access to a single-user restroom for their privacy.”

Essentially, the school board opted to continue allowing students to use any bathroom regardless of their sex.

The organizer of the walkout explained their motivation for staging the protest:

“Kids were upset. Girls…we wanted to protect them. They were upset. They didn’t want men in their bathroom.”

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We are in a sad state of affairs when teenage boys are forced to ‘man up’ and protect their female peers because the adults won’t.

One such female student, Victoria Rudolph, laid out the issue:

“There needs to be some changes. It’s just uncomfortable seeing 19-year-old men or 18-year-old men in the bathroom.”

Bravo, Victoria, you’ve managed to whittle down the point of this charade. They want you to be uncomfortable because if you are uncomfortable, which you naturally should be, you get to be a villain, and they get to play the victim. 

The arguments

At the school board meeting that eventually ended in the common sense bathroom policy being shot down, student Brandon Emery asked:

“Is it right to tell me I am no longer afforded the privilege of comfort and privacy while using the men’s bathroom because a policy states a biological female can use my bathroom, so long as they identify as male?”

It’s a great question from Brandon, and unfortunately, the answer from the left is yes, it is right.

But Brandon brings up a great point: it’s not just girls who face discomfort from these gender ideology policies.

In a time when an accusation alone can ruin a life and career, as we actively see with Russell Brand and what we all witnessed with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, it’s no wonder boys would feel uncomfortable and unsafe with girls using their facilities. But not everyone agreed with Brandon.

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Luke Pepper claimed the protesters hate people:

“You all hate them (transgender) because you don’t understand them, or you don’t like them, or your pastor tells you to do this.”

Mr. Pepper went on to say:

“Every transgender kid in this school is being put out because you hate, and you won’t let them be children.”

It is interesting how, when it suits them, the argument that kids should be kids is invoked. Still, the same isn’t said when they want these same kids to make life-altering decisions about their health care.

Then, we should respect their ability to “know” themselves.

Shut up and deal with it

The school district Superintendent, Barbara Russell, justified allowing transgender students to use the bathroom they choose, arguing that gender identity is a “protected class.” This protection of transgender individuals comes from the Biden Administration, which extended Title IX in 2021 to include LGBT students. 

While Title IX focuses on student participation in sports, the same concept is used to bleed into the bathroom. What’s worse: men using women’s restrooms or locker rooms? It’s a bit of a toss-up.

Now, the Biden Administration seems to have a more mealy-mouthed approach to transgender individuals allowed in shared spaces with girls. Recently, when asked about the administration’s view on transgender students participating in school sports with the gender they identify with, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre sputtered this answer:

“It is a complicated issue. It is truly a complicated issue, with a wide range of views, truly a wide range of views. … There is no ‘yes or no’ answer to this, it is complicated.”

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It’s not complicated; it’s science, biology, to be exact.

Transgender student Tarren McDonnell doesn’t seem worried, though:

“I think that, you know, people understand that change can be tough, but it’s, it’s really I think we’re moving forward. I think people just need to get more used to it.”

That’s right, girls, you need to stop being so annoying, shut your mouths, and get used to it. Where have we heard that before? 

How far feminism has fallen.

Making my point

During the walkout, students carried signs that said various things, including:

  • “Respect Girl’s Rights”
  • “Keep Boys out of Women’s Restrooms”
  • “Stay in Your Bathroom”

I shudder to think how the future will look back on this time. The school board is now considering creating “nonbinary” bathrooms that can be used by whoever and other bathrooms that are restricted by gender in an attempt to compromise. 

Of course, this new proposal still negates the point, which was made for me accidentally in a New York Times piece by Lydia Polgreen.

Ms. Polgreen writes on what she would consider the ‘weaponization of bathrooms’:

“…there are few places where human beings feel more vulnerable: Bathrooms are a place where we expose our most tender parts and attend to the most private needs.”

For Ms. Polgreen, the argument is that conservatives and parents like me wish to use bathroom rules that have been universally followed for the majority of modern history as a means to shame and humiliate transgender individuals. But her argument bolsters my point that things like relieving one’s bowels and bladder or changing clothes should be done in relative privacy and safety from the opposite sex. 

She and this school board know it, and the left-wing zealots pushing for this sickness know it. So the question is, why do they want to infringe on girls’ safe spaces when they are most vulnerable?

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