Herschel Walker Tells MSNBC They ‘Need Jesus’ After Contributor Says Walker is ‘What GOP Wants From Their Negroes’

Herschel Walker slammed MSNBC and suggested they "need Jesus" after political pundit Elie Mystal called him "clearly unintelligent" and "what Republicans want from their negroes."
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Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker slammed MSNBC and suggested they “need Jesus” after political pundit Elie Mystal called him “clearly unintelligent” and “what Republicans want from their negroes.”

Mystal’s comments came during a weekend segment on an edition of The Cross Connection on MSNBC, with host Tiffany Cross.

The pair were discussing the Senate race between incumbent Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock and the football legend.

Mystal, who stands out as an extremely racist commentator, engaged in a bit of projection, questioning Walker’s intelligence.

“Now you ask, why are Republicans backing this man who’s so clearly unintelligent, who so clearly doesn’t have independent thoughts, but that’s actually the reason,” he asserted.

“Walker is gonna do what he’s told and that’s what Republicans like. That’s what Republicans want from their negroes,” added Mystal. “To do what they’re told.”

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Elie Mystal’s Racist Rant Against Herschel Walker

Elie Mystal’s racist diatribe against Herschel Walker is particularly ignorant when one considers his entire gimmick is to parrot DNC talking points on a pro-DNC network.

Ignorance and doing as he’s expected is his entire game.

Walker responded to the comments by suggesting the network find Jesus.

“A lot of people been asking me to say something about the man on MSNBC that called me the n-word,” he said in a video posted to social media. “Here’s what I got to say about that: shame on MSNBC and shame on him.”

Here’s the thing, you have to be capable of feeling shame in order for the network to be humbled. Mystal practically celebrates his cluelessness during every appearance on MSNBC.

“I’m gonna pray for both of them because they need Jesus,” Walker said. “When I saw what he said, it reminded me of the differences between myself and my opponent, Senator Warnock, and the left-wing crazies that believe America is fundamentally a bad country full of racist people.”

“He’s trying to validate their racial hangups, and play a victim,” Mystal said in a Twitter response before attacking Walker’s intelligence yet again.

“I maintain that Walker is insulting to ACTUAL BLACK CONSERVATIVES, who have actual policies and hopes and syntax,” he spouted.

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Mystal Says Walker’s Campaign is ‘Insult to Black People’

Elie Mystal’s shtick where – like in the case of Herschel Walker – he refers to all Republicans as racist and ignorant, all the while proving himself to be worthy of such labels, is a sign of weakness in someone who can’t maintain cogent thoughts or engage in productive debates.

He’s – to quote Joe Biden – a one-horse pony.

But that’s what MSNBC wants from their contributors, isn’t it?

In a column for The Nation back in April, Mystal called Walker “an animated caricature of a Black person drawn by white conservatives.”

The animated caricature of a black person drawn by white liberals also called Walker’s Senate campaign an “insult to black people.”

Mystal’s other left-wing hot takes include the assertion that the Second Amendment was created by the Founding Fathers to preserve white supremacy and claiming they were, and we quote: “Racist misogynist jerk faces.”

That must be some of that intelligent syntax Mystal has been touting.

A Fox News poll shows Walker trailing Warnock for Georgia’s Senate seat by just four points, within the margin of error.

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