A local man in the area of a church shooting massacre in Texas is being hailed as a hero for grabbing his own gun and giving chase to the suspect.

The horrific attack at Southern Baptists Church claimed the lives of 26 people, and wounded another 20, but could have been much worse had it not been for the neighbor’s actions.

The concerned citizen grabbed his rifle when he heard the attack unfold, then gave chase in another neighbor’s vehicle after the suspect fled.

The owner of the truck, Johnny Langendorff, described the scene, saying “I pulled up to the intersection where the shooting happened and I saw two men exchanging gunfire, the other being a citizen of the community.”

Authorities believe the armed neighbor saved ‘countless’ lives by going after the gunman. He has yet to be named publicly.

Remarkably, the pair understood that it wasn’t good enough to just get him to flee the scene of his massacre – they had to stop him from killing others. So they gave chase.

“The shooter of the church had taken off, fled in his vehicle, and the other gentleman came and he said, ‘We need to pursue him,’ that he just shot up the church,” Langendorff said. “So that’s what I did. I just acted.”

The chase may have been what eventually killed the suspect.

“So we were doing about 95mph, going around traffic and everything,” Langendorff explained. “Eventually he came to kind of a slowdown and after that, we got within just a few feet of him and he got off the road…He just lost control and that’s whenever I put the vehicle in park…The other gentleman jumped out and had his rifle drawn on him and he didn’t move after that.”

Police arrived roughly five minutes later, but it took the good guy with a gun and another with a truck to stop the mass murderer.

“It was strictly just acting on what the right thing to do was,” Langendorff said.

It will be interesting to hear what the armed citizen who initially engaged the suspect has to say about his heroci actions.

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