Hamas has a new way to attack Israeli civilians and it’s terrifying!


While Israeli forces warn Palestinian civilians to evacuate buildings used by Hamas before they are bombed, Israeli civilians are being targeted for surprise attacks by Palestinian terrorists. We already know Hamas uses schools to hide weapons and launch missiles, but far more terrifying are the network of tunnels that run underground from Gaza into Israeli neighborhoods that they’ve created to launch attacks.

Imagine this: “armed enemies popping up under a day care center or dining room, spraying a crowd with machine gun fire or maybe some chemical, exploding a suicide belt or snatching captives and ducking back into the dirt.” Those are the nightmare scenarios The New York Times paints for its readers.

Hamas gunmen have been popping up in Israel through the terror tunnels, and now Israeli citizens are living in fear:

“It takes us a little bit to our childhood fairy tales of demons,” said Eyal Brandeis, 50, a political scientist who lives on Kibbutz Sufa, a mile from where 13 militants emerged from a tunnel at dawn July 17. “It’s a very pastoral environment I live in, the quiet, the green grass, the trees. It’s not a pleasant thought that you sit one day on the patio drinking coffee with your wife and a bunch of terrorists will rise from the ground….”

“We were feeling pretty safe before,” said Ma’ayan Barkai, 34, director of Kibbutz Be’eri, where one tunnel was found over the weekend. “We knew what to do with the missiles. The tunnels, it’s game-changing. We can’t do anything if the terrorists will come to our kindergarten. The tunnels, it’s very surprising, it can hit you don’t know where.”

Some of the scarier items found in the tunnels include a “kidnapping kit of tranquilizers and plastic handcuffs” and Israeli military uniforms, according to The New York Times. In 2006, an Israeli soldier was kidnapped through one of the tunnels; he was freed years later through a prisoner exchange. Hamas knows kidnapping works, and had planned a major assault to do just that.

Enough of the Obama Administration pushing for ceasefires and deals that favor Hamas. Let Israel defend its people and neutralize Hamas once and for all!

Watch this video footage from inside the Hamas terror tunnels:

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