HA! Never Trumper Adam Kinzinger IMMEDIATELY Hired By CNN

Adam Kinzinger has been named senior political correspondent for CNN, just one day removed from the end of his career in the House.
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Call politics The Art of the Predictable. Fanatical Never Trumper and newly-ex Congressman Adam Kinzinger has been named senior political commentator for CNN, just one day removed from the end of his career in the House of Representatives.

Kinzinger, who has clearly been vying for the position for two years, having found solace and making numerous appearances with a group of like-minded individuals damaged by former President Donald Trump, was officially introduced with great fanfare by anchor Erin Burnett on Wednesday evening’s edition of “Out Front.

“Now, former Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger. He’s appearing tonight for the first time in his new role, which is senior political commentator,” Burnett announced.

“Congressman, we really are thrilled to have you on board, so welcome,” she continued. “People have seen you over the past couple of years on the January 6th committee, and we’re so glad to have you on board.”

It’s so nice when they drop the masks, isn’t it?

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Adam Kinzinger is Giddy About His New Job at CNN

A few observations about that clip:

  • Of course, CNN is thrilled – This has been a two-year courtship and flirtation between them and Kinzinger. We’re just glad the two were finally able to consummate the marriage for all to see on live television.
  • The only people that have “seen” Kinzinger’s work on the January 6th committee are all 5 CNN viewers and his parents.
  • We’re glad they were able to stack up enough phone books for Kinzinger to sit on in his chair so he can fit in the frame.
  • How does one earn the role of “senior” anything when they’re essentially being hired for an entry-level job?
  • Look at the boyish grin as the former congressman is announced – He hasn’t been this giddy since they lowered the height requirement for rides at Disney World by 5″.

After being announced, Kinzinger expressed his joy at landing the job he auditioned for on a nightly basis.

“It’s great to be on the team, by the way, thank you. I’m excited,” he told Burnett.

An understatement if ever there were one.

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A ‘Weepy Man’ Suffering From ‘Male Menopause’

It’s funny how CNN’s new CEO Chris Licht has been trying to improve the credibility of his network by weeding out nakedly partisan contributors, but it took the outlet just hours to hire the most nakedly partisan anti-Trumper off the scrap heap of his congressional career.

But alas, we saw it coming. Of course, everybody saw it coming. But our prognostication skills were off the charts.

Kinzinger has “used the (January 6th) hearings as an audition for a post-congressional career with either CNN or MSNBC,” The Political Insider wrote in June.

“At least he has his new MSNBC or CNN career to look forward to, where the lies will be expected, if not rewarded,” I wrote more recently.

Progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald made the same prediction:

But we’re no Nostradamus by any stretch. Louis Braille could have seen this marriage made in heaven coming a mile away.

In one of the most brutal takedowns we’ve ever seen on broadcast television, Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently smoked Kinzinger like he was Hunter Biden’s parmesan cheese, calling him a “weepy man” suffering from “a full-blown case of male menopause.”

Carlson announced Kinzinger’s new gig in a segment with correspondent Trace Gallagher late last night.

“Someone literally hired Adam Kinzinger – for a job!” an exasperated Carlson announced.

“It appears to be a good fit considering the only one that hates former President Trump more than CNN is Adam Kinzinger,” Gallagher quipped.

Through a sharp grin and laughter from Carlson, Gallagher added a potential promo idea for the network: “Kinzinger and CNN – The dynamic, unbiased duo.”

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