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Texas Gun Range Pokes Fun at Dick’s Sporting Goods Over AR-15 Policy

A gun range in Texas took an epic shot at Dick’s Sporting Goods for their decision to halt sales of “assault-style rifles,” while boasting that they continue to offer those items to their Second Amendment-supporting customers.

Boyert Shooting Center, a multi-location franchise in Houston that serves as a combination gun range and store, has a prominently displayed marquee in the city of Katy.

It makes no bones about their willingness to sell AR-15s while blasting the sporting goods chain for their political grandstanding move to deny those firearms to would-be customers.

“We’re not all Dicks,” the sign reads. “We still sell AR’s.”

While most companies are bowing to pressure from Democrat-driven high school students, Boyert is taking the opposite approach.

In fact, they thanked places like Dick’s and Walmart for sending them more business.

“We would like to take a moment to thank DICK’S and Walmart for all of their support!” they wrote on Facebook, accompanied by the hashtag “#stillAmerica.”

An employee at Boyert insists that the sign poking fun at Dick’s has drawn a positive reaction from most folks in the area.

“It was meant to have people react to it and hopefully most understand that we are referring to the company and not an individual,” Travis Clark, a program director at the store explained. “We have had a lot of people come in and tell us they love the sign.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods drew the ire of gun rights advocates everywhere when they announced they would end the sale of “assault-style rifles” in all of their locations.

It was a move widely panned because it was caving into the political pressure of the day, pandering to anti-gun nuts, and wholly disingenuous.

Disingenuous because the kind of guns Dick’s removed from their stores had already been removed years ago.

It’s good to know places like Boyert Shooting Center in Texas are willing to stand up for their rights in the face of public pressure. It’s good to know some people aren’t dicks.

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