Gowdy: It Took ‘10,000 Arrests’ And ‘$2 Billion In Property Damage’ For Pelosi To Finally Condemn Rioters

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On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally condemned violent protesters from the House floor, but according to former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy it only took “10,000 arrests, $2 billion in property damage and a couple of cops fighting for their lives to finally figure out that the numbers weren’t on her side.”

“You can be 100% behind law and order and law enforcement, or you can be, in her case, 100 days behind them,” Gowdy told Fox News.

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Gowdy – It Took Pelosi Long Enough To Finally Condemn Violent Criminal Rioters

“It’s been about 100 days. In that time, she had time to compare cops to stormtroopers,” Gowdy said. “She had time to call [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy the ‘enemy of the state.’ She had time to get her hair done.”

“But she had no time to defend law enforcement until the polls started tightening,” he noted.

Pelosi and prominent Democrats only began to speak out – or even acknowledge the existence of – violent rioters in recent days.

“We support peaceful demonstrations,” Pelosi said Thursday. “We participate in them. They are part of the essence of our democracy.”

But then Pelosi added, “That does not include looting, starting fires, or rioting. They should be prosecuted. That is lawlessness.”

Gowdy Addresses Best Way To Move Forward Legally

Former Republican Congressman Gowdy said that this shift among Democrats comes as they begin to realize the perception that they perhaps endorse such behavior could hurt them at the polls in November.

Gowdy also addressed reports that Barr directed federal prosecutors to look at hitting rioters and other violent actors with federal charges, including sedition.

Federal sedition charges would apply to two or more individuals who “conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force” the U.S. government, and could mean a maximum sentence of 20 years.


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‘Stick With What Is Easy To Prove’ Gowdy Advises AG Barr

“It’s really hard to win those cases,” Gowdy cautioned. “The last time we had a high-profile [sedition] case, the government lost.”

“So stick with what is easy to prove,” Gowdy advised. “Don’t reach for things that are legally a stretch.”

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