Texas Governor Greg Abbott was furious after seeing video of Border Patrol agents opening a gate at the southern border and allowing dozens of illegal immigrants into the country after Texas National Guard officers had locked it shut.

Video captured by Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin shows the National Guard closing and locking a gate at what is described as a “major crossing area” in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Melugin said shortly thereafter that Border Patrol “then came [with] a key [and] let them in for processing.”

The Fox News reporter, who has been on the ground in Eagle Pass all week, then posted another video to social media showing Border Patrol actually opening the gate and letting the illegal immigrants in.

“This was the moment Border Patrol arrived with the key and let the migrants in,” Melugin wrote. “The landowner allows both TX DPS/National Guard and Border Patrol to work here.”

“The gate has always been left open in the past. TX is now closing it, [and] migrants have to wait for BP to be let in.”

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Abbott Not Happy That Border Patrol Opened the Gate After the National Guard Closed It

Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded to the video showing Border Patrol agents opening the gate after the National Guard had locked it by saying, “Unbelievable.”

“While Texas secures the border, the federal government is enabling illegal immigration,” he added. “Biden’s open border policies caused this crisis.”

Abbott suggested the federal government start doing its job and begin fixing the problem.

Eagle Pass is part of Maverick County, Texas which declared an invasion at the southern border earlier this summer.

Abbott issued an executive order in July authorizing the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to apprehend illegal immigrants who illegally cross the border between ports of entry and return them to the border.

This particular gate, according to Melugin, is located on private property.

Still, the reporter notes that Border Patrol’s actions, in this case, are “nothing new” and that “they have to process migrants on U.S. soil per federal law.”

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You Don’t Stop an Invasion By Opening the Gates

Melugin has been documenting the ongoing illegal immigrant invasion taking place at Eagle Pass for several days now.

The Fox News reporter captured other startling videos showing upwards of 700 illegal immigrants, most of whom appear to be single, able-bodied adults, crossing the border from Mexico into the city in a single day.

Abbott meanwhile has been doing his best to combat the border surge and crisis by having the National Guard lock gates … only to have Border Patrol open them again.

He’s been on the receiving end of criticism from blue state and city lawmakers for taking advantage of their ‘sanctuary city’ policies and shipping illegal immigrants by bus to their locations rather than keeping them where law and order still mean something.

In fact, Mayor Muriel Bowser, who runs one such city, was so distraught by the number of illegal immigrants showing up on Washington, D.C.’s doorstep, that she requested National Guard help.

I wonder how Bowser would feel if she actually got approved for National Guard assistance and they started closing gates only to have the federal government come in and open them up again.

Abbott has also been sending the buses to New York City. And naturally, despite pretending to be beacons of hope and a siren call of sanctuary for illegal immigrants, liberals aren’t all that pleased at what he is doing.

It’s cruel to send them from a state whose resources are being overwhelmed by the border invasion to a city where ‘if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere’?

Sounds like Abbott is offering them a chance at the American dream, to be honest.

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