Gov. Cuomo Says Unvaccinated Might Kill Their Grandmothers, And The Backlash Was Fierce

cuomo killing grandmothers

On Monday, embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned that those who refuse to take the COVID vaccine might end up killing their grandmothers.

Of course the backlash against the most self-unaware man on earth was quick and fierce.

Gov. Cuomo Has No Self-Awareness

“Who are the groups who are terribly under-vaccination?” Cuomo asked reporters at a press briefing on Monday. “The youthful and the doubtful,” he answered.

“And there is an attitude that they’ll be fine, why should they take the vaccine?” Cuomo continued.

He added, “Maybe you will get a long-haul syndrome that we’re not really sure what it is yet, but a lingering consequence of COVID.”

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Then he said it. He really said it.

“Or maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandmother!” Cuomo said. 

Many on social media obviously pointed out that this is the same Cuomo whose poor decision to put coronavirus patients in nursing homes at the height of the pandemic needlessly cost thousands of seniors lives.

Cuomo has even been embroiled in scandal over the matter when allegations came about that his administration had actually lied about the number of deaths to save face. 

Republican Congressman Andy Biggs mocked, “I mean, might as well get it from the leading expert on killing grandmothers.”


The Backlash Was Fast And Furious

Columnist Phil Kerpen tweeted, “Maybe you order thousands of highly infectious patients into nursing homes full of vulnerable grandmothers, and then abuse your power to cover up the death toll for the better part of a year to sell a $4 million book?”

Actually, strike the maybe” Kerpen added. 

Conservative James Higgins wrote, “Perhaps killing grandparents isn’t the very best subject for him to talk about??” 

Write Doug Powers mocked, “This guy is a black hole of self-unawareness.”

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Cuomo Remains Defiant

In addition to the nursing home scandal, Cuomo has also been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.

Cuomo continues to deny he has done anything wrong, despite calls from elected officials for him to resign.

Cuomo remains defiant. He said on Monday during the press briefing, “I did nothing wrong, period, and I am not resigning.”


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