GOP-Controlled Arizona House Expels Republican Liz Harris for ‘Disorderly Behavior’

Arizona State Representative Liz Harris was expelled from the House Wednesday over alleged ethics violations resulting after having invited a conspiracy theorist to testify before lawmakers.
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Democrats never punish their own. They never give the media something to talk about by holding somebody in their own party accountable for any controversial actions or statements.

Ilhan Omar survived anti-Semitic comments time and time again while Democrats were in power. Eric Swalwell survived alleged intimate relations with a Chinese spy. Adam Schiff survived repeated leaks that put national security at risk.

And during that time, the only individuals Democrats were willing to remove from their committees were Marjorie Taylor Greene – for posts made on social media before coming to Congress – and Paul Gosar – for posting an anime cartoon video on the internet.

Democrats, you see, know how to play the game, never turning on their own. Republicans, however, fall for it time and time again.

Enter the Arizona House – currently controlled by the GOP – and state Representative Liz Harris.

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Arizona Rep Liz Harris Expelled

Arizona State Representative Liz Harris was expelled from the House Wednesday over alleged ethics violations, resulting from having invited a ‘conspiracy theorist’ to testify before lawmakers earlier this year.

The resolution to expel the freshman Republican accused her of bringing “disrepute and embarrassment to the House of Representatives” and for engaging in “disorderly behavior.”

She was expelled by a vote of 46-13, with 18 of those votes coming from flaccid Republicans.

Harris had invited Jacqueline Breger, a Scottsdale insurance agent, to give a presentation of what they alleged was an investigation back in February.

Breger proceeded to accuse multiple politicians, including Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, of being part of a massive scheme involving Mexican drug cartels, money laundering, fake housing deeds, and election fraud.

The witness allegedly provided no evidence to back up the sensational claims.

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Gutless Republicans

Notice there is no media outcry over the expulsion of Arizona state Representative Liz Harris. There will be no narrative of racism and stories pointing out that Harris is white and some lawmakers who voted for her removal were not.

And there will likely be no vote to have her reinstated where she can triumphantly march through the chamber, fist raised, celebrating her return.

Like we saw in Tennessee these last few days.

No, Democrats fight for their own while Republicans punish their own over “disorderly behavior.”

Foment an insurrection in the Tennessee House and be heralded a hero of the Republic. Invite a guest to speak who holds controversial and conspiratorial viewpoints in Arizona – See ya later.

Take for example Arizona Representative Lupe Diaz, a fellow Republican.

“We need to have integrity in the institution, and I do not take this vote lightly,” he said. “I do vote yes.”

We’re long past concerns of integrity when it comes to lawmakers, Mr. Diaz.

Should Harris have allowed somebody to make false accusations against people without data to back it up? Of course not, but she claims she was unaware of Breger’s intended comments.

Should Harris be spreading her own conspiracy theories? No.

Do they rise to the level of an expulsion? No. Absolutely not. And the GOP-controlled House in Arizona should hang their heads in shame for being such cowards and not letting the voters decide her fate.

“If you don’t toe the line, this is what happens,” Harris tole reporters following the vote.

Yea, maybe. But only if you have an ‘R’ next to your name.

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