Good Lord: Obama Says Illegal Immigrants ‘Pick Our Fruit and Make Our Beds’

In what is sure to light the mainstream media ablaze with cries of racism, President Obama in his much hyped amnesty speech last night referred to illegal immigrants as the people who “pick our fruit and make our beds.”

Now, I want you for a moment to visualize one Mitt Romney, or maybe Newt or Rick Santorum, making this statement on national television. Then tell us exactly what the mainstream media would use as the lead story the following day.

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The comments were so startling, Twitchy’s editors had to ask the question, is Obama’s immigration speech the most racist ever?

Via BizPac Review:

President Obama’s primetime speech Thursday night caused feelings of anger for many, and not only because he granted de-facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

During the speech the president referred to illegals as “workers who pick our fruit and make our beds.” Astounding when you consider this was a prepared speech written, read and edited by a team of professionals who somehow allowed that line to get through.

It would appear there’s a bit of a theme developing in Democrat circles in what they assume is the purpose of Latinos in our country.

Earlier this year, Alex Sink, a Democrat who nearly became governor of Florida in 2010, spoke of immigration reform during a speech and asked, “Where are you going to get people to work to clean our hotel rooms or do our landscaping?”

Guy Benson of Townhall explained the hypocrisy of Sink’s comments, which can now be applied to Obama’s as well:

Sink’s (/Obama’s) defenders are precisely the sort of people who would reflexively and immediately crucify her for uttering those exact same sentences if she had an ‘R’ next to her name. What’s more, every Republican in America would be linked to the comment, then badgered by the media to weigh in on it.

As an added bonus, Twitchy chronicled some epic tweets from a legal immigrant last night as she watched Obama’s speech.  She tears into the President, saying that as a legal immigrant she is demanding her money and time back for going through the effort legally.  She also makes the suggestion to, rather than grant amnesty actually go ahead and “enforce the law.”

She adds, “Why does Obama think that we’re all fruit pickers?”

What do you think?  Were Obama’s comments about ‘fruit pickers’ and ‘bed makers’ racist?



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