Georgia Democrats Appear to Want Anybody but Election Denier Stacey Abrams to Run For Governor

Stacey Abrams

Mama always said if you lose a game or competition, learn from the experience and try again. Stacey Abrams’ mom obviously didn’t get the memo because each time Stacey Abrams loses an election, we have to endure several years of her talking about how she really won them and that “racism” got in the way of her destiny.

Well now it appears as if even members of her own Democrat Party are getting sick of the nonsense, and they are really hoping they’ll find a candidate to run for the upcoming Georgia gubernatorial election who will lose like a normal person, and just go write a book afterwards, or become a contributor to CNN or even get addicted to meth like the “new Obama” Andrew Gillum.

Abrams’ 2022 campaign did largely out raise her GOP opponent, Governor Brian Kemp, by a staggering $8 million during that race. Big problem though is that she ran out of money, still lost, and has not paid off her existing campaign debts. Despite two consecutive state-wide losses and a debt that would make an average person go flush, she still thinks she’s a viable candidate.

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She Won’t go Away

“I will likely run again,” said Abrams in January. “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. If it doesn’t work, you try again.”

I think that old-time saying applies to trying out pilates, or entering a food challenge at a local restaurant. There has to be a follow-up-phrase somewhere that says if you blamed your last two elections on unfounded conspiracies, racism, and are millions in debt, you probably should just give up.

Bobby Kahn, the former head of the Democratic Party of Georgia, the big guy in charge at the time, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that like Andrew Gillum’s meth addiction, Abrams should just quit cold turkey and let someone else lose for a change.

Well, he didn’t put it exactly like that but he did make it pretty clear she shouldn’t run again.

“The party needs to move forward,” said Kahn. “And going 0-3 isn’t just a way to go forward. Does she really want to be the next Guy Millner?” For reference, Millner was a Republican in Georgia who lost three statewide races in the 1990’s, not a record anyone in their right mind would want to hold.

“She can’t chalk it up to running against an incumbent. She raised a record amount of money. And Democrats in 94 other states thought she would win,” he continued. “She will still be hard to beat in a primary. You have to hope she comes to this conclusion herself. There are a lot of rising leaders in the party ready to step in.”

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It’s Not us, It’s You

Kahn isn’t the only Democrat saying that Abrams needs to admit that the political love affair is over, and like a jilted-lover in denial, they both need to see other people.

Yvonne Stuart, the current chair for the Monroe County Democratic Party, did sing some praise of Abrams but still admitted that the recent loss in 2022 was perhaps due to her newfound celebrity status inflating her ego and expectations.

“I do believe there might be another charismatic Democrat that can take us all the way in 2026,” Stuart said to the Journal-Constitution. “There was major talent on our ticket all the way down the ticket in 2022.”

David Ellis-Mendoza, the current chair of the Bartow County Democrats, more sheepishly criticized Abrams but said she needed to move on nonetheless. 

“I believe that there are opportunities for others to step up to the plate and run for governor,” he said.

What do you think? Is third time a charm or should she quit her aspirations (or as some would call them, an unhealthy obsession with authority)? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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