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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Luci says:

    When President G H Bush said that he MEANT it! He was one of the greatest one term Presidents this country had known! Unfortunately, THAT was why he was a one term President! He had the same problem with the Left Liberal Loonies as President Trump has now! Back then; there was not a former President to teach hate, division, insanity, depraved uncontrolled rage! THEY used a tactic of secrecy, plots, and sneaky acts! BUT; by “Hook & Crook, LLC”, they kept him from being reelected! If “Read my Lips” was a deliberate LIE, obviously, you forgot: “If you like your Doctor you can KEEP your Doctor”, etc! The difference in the two; The Puppet KNEW he was telling a lie and there was no way in AICH we could keep our own Doctor! Unless we paid them out of our OWN pockets! Which is what I ended up doing, on a fixed income with only SS! I could not change the Dr. I had for almost forty years to one I didn’t know! George H. Bush is now gone. He was neither the greatest nor worst President we’ve ever had! But he was our President, and his entire life was known WAY before he was elected! He had the PUBLIC RECORD and legal ID, of everything he ever did! We knew who he was! Don’t have ANYTHING of/on record about the one who started our countries slide downwards! Only GOD can change us back to the morals, decency, honor, and compassion of President George H. Bush! And the PRESENT President! But God said “Don’t lose hope”! And we WON’T!

    1. Missy says:

      George HW Bushs ‘god’ was Lucifer aka satan.

  2. enricc says:

    Bush was the original RINO promised the electorate one thing and delivered the opposite. READ MY LIPS NO NEW TAXES and whammo he screwed the country taxing the hell out of us giving in to the demonrats. He was a POS.

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