Over the past several months, President-elect Donald J. Trump has made a commitment to work with American companies to bring jobs back home. So far, Trump has negotiated with numerous American companies, convincing them to invest billions of dollars in the United States, resulting in thousands of new jobs for American workers.

Well, now one of America’s most iconic companies, General Motors, is investing $1 billion in several of its U.S. factories, allowing the company to retain 1,000 American jobs!

From The Wall Street Journal:

In the interview, Mr. Glidden said GM has added 25,000 jobs over the last four years. Of those, just 6,000 were factory workers—the type of jobs Mr. Trump typically references in his comments on trade—and the rest were engineering, information technology and other white-collar jobs. About 15,000 of those were shifted from overseas, he said.

“There is a bigger story here that relates to employment in the United States,” Mr. Glidden said. As the auto industry pursues self-driving cars and other new realms of mobility, “those will be areas that continue to be centered here in the United States and areas of further employment.”

GM’s announcement would follow a familiar pattern of auto makers publicly outlining U.S. investment and job-creation plans in the wake of Mr. Trump’s criticism of imports while insisting they would have moved ahead with them anyway.

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Mr. Trump criticized American companies that build products overseas and then import them back to the United States. The President-elect has repeatedly said he wants to create a business climate that encourages American companies to create products at home.

Do companies like GM see Trump as a pro-business president who can help their companies flourish in America? Share your thoughts with us below!