Oh, the Irony! Gay Marriage Activists Say THIS Trivializes the Right to Marry

Matt and Travis

Oh, the irony, it burns! I read this lede from The Daily Caller and did a spit-take:

Gay rights advocates are upset about two heterosexual men marrying to win a contest, because they say it trivializes the right to marry they’ve worked so hard for.

NOW they care when somebody makes a mockery of marriage? NOW they judge who should or shouldn’t be allowed to marry?

This is the entire point traditional marriage defenders have been making for years! Changing the definition of marriage to include same sex couples trivializes marriage and renders it meaningless. Now anyone can marry anyone else for any reason at all – including to win tickets to the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Next it will be a brother and sister or multiple men and women – and yes we’re already sliding down that slippery slope, as conservatives have warned.

One question I always ask gay marriage advocates is if they can give me an argument for gay marriage that can’t also be applied to polygamy and incest. They can never do it. Because it doesn’t exist. So now, after decades of denying it, gay marriage activists are starting to realize that to be intellectually consistent, they must embrace polygamy and incest. After all, who are we to judge?

Except for these two rugby bros; we can all judge them.

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