Democrats Accuse Marjorie Taylor Greene of Trying to Get Jamaal Bowman Harmed by Calling Him ‘Aggressive’

Gavin Newsom accuses Marjorie Taylor Greene of trying to get Representative Jamaal Bowman lynched by pointing out his aggressive behavior.
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Is there some sort of competition going on between Democrats in which they’re trying to outdo each other by saying the dumbest thing that comes to mind at every turn?

If so, California Governor Gavin Newsom just tossed his hat in the ring with a recent weapons-grade, Hall of Fame, lead pipe entry, suggesting Marjorie Taylor Greene was trying to get Jamaal Bowman killed by using “dangerous” rhetoric.

It all started with an incident on Thursday in which Representative Bowman and his just slightly less intelligent colleague, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, got into a minor altercation with the Georgia Republican.

Greene argued with Bowman on several issues before it became rather clear that he was not intellectually armed for the battle. AOC would eventually have to step in and drop a, “She ain’t worth it, bro.”

Like kids meeting at the flagpole to settle the score after school.

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Bowman’s Aggressive Behavior

While the exchange was heated, it seemed relatively mundane. But Marjorie Taylor Greene let Bowman have it at a press conference when asked about the incident, saying the New York Democrat has a “history of aggression” of which she is “very concerned.”

“Yelling, shouting, raising his voice. He has aggressive — his physical mannerisms are aggressive,” she said. “I think there’s a lot of concern about Jamaal Bowman, and I am concerned about it. I feel threatened by him.”

Much of what she is alleging is pretty well documented. Bowman has made it a habit to accost Republican lawmakers inside and outside the Capitol, wildly screeching, cursing, and flailing like a temperamental pre-teen.

And he’s done so multiple times with Greene (R-GA).

In April, he walked up to her vehicle as she was departing a protest in New York City in support of former President Donald Trump, and began shouting for her to “get the hell out of here” and demanded she not “open one word in our freaking city.”

Those are threats. That’s aggressive behavior. And if she had done those things to Bowman, or any other Republican had, they’d immediately be branded a racist.

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Gavin Newsom Accuses Marjorie Taylor Greene of Trying to Get Jamaal Bowman Killed

Fortunately for Bowman, he has a ‘Get Out of Acting Stupid Free’ card by virtue of his skin color. And naturally, Democrats rallied around him by suggesting any criticism of his clearly aggressive behavior is racist.

Gavin Newsom took that mindless rebuttal, as Spinal Tap guitarist Nigel Tufnel might say, up to eleven. He accused Marjorie Taylor Greene of being equivalent to the white woman whose accusations against Emmett Till, a black teenager, Democrats say led to him being lynched in 1955.

“This is the kind of dangerous rhetoric that led to Emmett Till’s death,” Newsom falsely claimed. “Everyone should call this out for what it is: blatant racism.”

Everyone should call Newsom’s comments out for what they are: blatant stupidity. It’s almost as if, as Ron DeSantis once said, Newsom’s “hair gel” is depleting his “brain function.”

Newsom wasn’t alone, of course. Far-left ‘Squad’ member Ilhan Omar must have gotten the same talking points, though ironically she was not as shameless as Newsom in trying to suggest Bowman could be lynched:

There is one surefire way for Bowman to avoid being called overly aggressive and threatening. Stop being overly aggressive and threatening. Especially towards women half his size.

Greene retweeted a comment by the former acting director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, blasting Newsom for “mansplaining” how women should feel when being accosted by a much larger man.

Newsom isn’t capable of ‘mansplaining.’ The first syllable dictates that the word can not apply to him.

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