In the 2021 budget, around $2 billion in funding has been set out to build 1000 miles of new border wall on the border with Mexico.

“Great News to Report on the Border”

The $2 billion is significantly less than the $5 billion allocated in the previous budget, but a White House official told the Daily Caller that the priorities for the border wall have “now shifted from securing funds to being able to build more wall.”

“On the border, there’s great news to report,” the official said. “The president has kept his promise to secure the border. With funding available, the administration will build up to approximately 1,000 miles of border wall along the southwest border. The 2021 budget request, which has increases for infrastructure, technology, and law enforcement personnel, is what’s required to gain operational control of the border.”

The Departments of Defense and Homeland Security will put another $8.4 billion towards funding the border wall. Customs and Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement will also both see significant upticks in allocated funding. CBP will receive a 7% increase, with $15.6 billion allocated to them, and ICE will receive just below $10 billion for the 2021 budget.

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Budget Proposal Slashes Spending!

The 2021 budget proposal not only provides significant funds for the southern border, but also slashes spending across the board, in an effort to undo some of the government’s bloated spending priorities. It will reduce spending by $4.4 trillion, and aim to reduce the deficit by $4.6 trillion over the next 10 years. Foreign aid spending and welfare spending will both be drastically reduced, while NASA will see a 12% increase in spending, in order to get a man back on the moon by 2024, and resources will be shifted away from the Air Force to get the new Space Force up and running.

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Overall, this a fantastic budget proposal from the President and his team! The money is going to go where it needs to go, and not be wasted on unnecessary social programs and bribing foreign governments, but into expanding the dominance of America in the fields of science and space exploration, and protecting its citizens from criminal illegal aliens. The President is truly making this country great again!

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