Fox’s Gutfeld Unleashed: Claims ‘Idiot’ NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Is ‘Stoned Ninety Percent Of The Time’

Greg Gutfeld Claims ‘Idiot’ NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Is ‘Stoned Ninety Percent Of The Time’

On Monday, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld claimed that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was an “idiot” who is “stoned ninety percent of the time.”

Fox’s fiery comedic personality made his remarks on his program “The Five.” 

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Gutfeld On De Blasio: ‘Obviously he’s stoned ninety percent of the time’

Gutfeld was responding to De Blasio’s dubious claim that New York City is safer now than it was eight years ago. 

(The New York Times reports that murders in the city saw a massive jump in 2020 over 2019. You can view major felonies by year on this chart.)

Gutfeld said that was not true and called the Democratic mayor an “idiot.”

“Obviously he’s stoned ninety percent of the time,” Gutfeld said on “The Five.”

Gutfeld told the other hosts on the program, “Because everybody here knows intimately somebody who’s been a victim of a crime, or has been a victim of a crime. It’s nothing like this.”

“He’s talking about index crime, meaning that he lumps them all together so he lowers the average while murder skyrockets,” Gutfeld added.

The Fox News personality said that if you use De Blasio’s logic, the mayor could also claim that there were less muggings during his time in office because the victim was killed by the mugger. 

“Personally, I would like more muggings with less murder,” Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld mocked De Blasio’s thinking on the subject.

“Right? Do you see that? Do you see the logic here?” Gutfeld said. “That the only reason why muggings are down is because they killed the person.”

Gutfeld said he believes reporters have become desensitized to violent crime.

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Gutfeld: ‘Everybody in the media is now reporting this stuff as mundane and as acceptable’

“Everybody in the media is now reporting this stuff as mundane and as acceptable, almost making us all guilty,” Gutfeld said.

“We should be out on the street,” Gutfeld insisted. “It’s a shame that none of us protest, because, you know, we’ve got a good life, but this is worth protesting. It’s insane, we know people.”



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