Lawyers for Florida Democrats Argue Non-Citizen’s Vote Should Be Allowed

Lawyers representing Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and Sen. Bill Nelson argued against denying a vote cast by a non-citizen.

In transcripts during a canvassing meeting of provisional ballots cast in Palm Beach County, a judge and supervisor made note of a ballot cast illegally, to which Gillum and Nelson’s lawyers objected.

“First one of these we’ve seen,” Judge August Bonativa announced at one point, prompting Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher to respond, “Not a U.S. citizen, not counted.”

Democrat lawyers stepped in immediately to object, though provided no reason for the objections.

Nelson’s campaign said they had not authorized any such objection while the Gillum campaign chose not to respond.

Why it matters

There are two reasons why this move by Democrat lawyers – to defend an illegal vote – is important.

First, Florida election officials have been have been chipping away at well-established leads for Republicans.

Second, in Gillum’s case, the bizarre and extraordinary actions of Broward County allowed him to rescind his original concession as the loser of the race for governor.

In particular, President Trump noted the “potential corruption going on with respect to Election Theft in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.”

Lawyers fighting for illegal votes justifies the President’s – and the nation’s – skepticism of these election officials in Florida.

Second, the very notion of counting illegal votes reinforces the Democrat plan to use illegal immigrants as a means to collect future votes for their party. They don’t give a damn about legality, they only care about power. This is a case of clear, tangible efforts by the Democrats to allow illegal votes to be counted in an election.

We thought they considered the integrity of elections to be of the utmost concern?

Even Jeb Bush thinks it’s a farce

You know it has to be bad when even Jeb Bush musters the guts and gumption to speak up.

Bush leveled Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes for destroying confidence in the electoral process due to her multiple allegations of corruption.

It should be noted that it was Bush who appointed Snipes over a decade ago to fill the vacancy.

Adding illegal votes to the Florida elections is just another in a long line of examples in which Democrats have sought to create “a governing coalition for the long term.”

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