FBI Releases Proof: Comey Cleared Hillary Before Any Investigation

It is a shocking display of ‘coming to a conclusion before you have all of the evidence’ – something you’d expect to see from Keystone Kops, not the head of the FBI.

New documents released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation show that former Director James Comey clearly rushed to clear Hillary Clinton in her now-famous email scandal.

In a letter written in late August by Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Lindsey Graham to FBI Director Chris Wray, the Republican congressmen claimed to have seen evidence showing Comey began drawing up statements on closing the investigation months before he cleared Clinton.

The draft was initiated prior to the bureau interviewing 17 key witnesses in the case – including Hillary Clinton herself!

“Conclusion first, fact-gathering second—that’s no way to run an investigation,” the senators wrote.

The FBI responded by confirming the accusations made by Grassley and Graham.

Fox News reported that the FBI released documents “proving former FBI Director James Comey began drafting a letter regarding Hillary Clinton’s email investigation months before conducting several key interviews, including speaking to Clinton herself.”

A document titled “Midyear Exam” was sent to officials by Comey on May 2nd, and was included in a batch of documents labeled “Drafts of Director Comeys July 5, 2016 Statement Regarding Email Server Investigation Part 01 of 01.”

In July, Comey famously declared Clinton’s actions to be “extremely careless,” laid out exactly why she should be prosecuted, then recommended against pursuing charges.

Some have suggested the former FBI director needs to return to Capitol Hill and explain his actions. Senator Graham has indicated he’d subpoena Comey if need be.

Meanwhile Rep. Trey Gowdy has concurred.

“There is sufficient factual basis to bring him in and ask him, ‘When did you make up your mind that you weren’t going to charge Secretary Clinton?’ I can tell you because I’ve seen with my own eyes he made up his mind before he interviewed her,” Gowdy told Fox News. “How far back, whether it was two weeks or two months, quite frankly is immaterial to me. He did it before he interviewed the last witness.”

What investigator worth his salt begins drawing conclusions before he’s interviewed every last witness, let alone 17 of them?

Comey needs to be called back to Congress to explain why he decided to clear Clinton before he had all – or even a good portion – of the facts.

Should James Comey be compelled to testify about why he let Clinton go? Share your thoughts below!

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