Fauci Suggests That Masks On Planes Are Forever

Fauci Suggests That Masks Are Forever, Vaccinated Or Unvaccinated

On Sunday, the White House’s top doctor Anthony Fauci talked about the upcoming Christmas holiday and what he thinks people should do in regards to COVID.

Fauci told ABC’s Jonathan Karl that people should continued to wear masks, whether they are vaccinated or not.

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A Very Fauci Christmas

Karl asked Fauci to clarify comments he made about whether people vaccinated against COVID-19 should “feel comfortable” gathering with family during the holidays.  

Karl asked, “You said earlier this week that if you are vaccinated, you should feel comfortable traveling and celebrating the holidays with your family. Do you still believe that?”

Fauci replied, “No, I do. If you are vaccinated and boosted, and are prudent when you travel, when you are in an airport, to be wearing a mask all the time, you have to be wearing a mask on a plane.”

“Do not do things like go to gatherings where there are people who you do not know what their vaccination status is,” Fauci added.

Fauci then suggested that people test their family members who may be coming over to celebrate the holiday.

“If you do that, and some people are even going the extra step or the extra mile, or maybe even getting tested when you have people coming over the house,” he continued. “We now have a much wider availability or point of care test that you can get a result in about 15 minutes. So you might want to do that.”

Fauci went on, “If you do these things, Jon, I do believe that you can feel quite comfortable with a family setting, dinners and the gatherings that you have around the holiday season. Nothing is 100% risk-free, but I think if you do the things I just mentioned, you actually mitigate that risk enough to feel comfortable about being able to enjoy the holiday.”

As for wearing masks on planes, Fauci seems to think they will be required perhaps forever.


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Should You Still Wear A Mask If You’re Vaccinated?

Later, Fauci was asked if those unvaccinated faced the greatest danger, but also said, “There are other tools besides the vaccine, and wearing a mask complements the protection that you get from the vaccine, and a boost.”

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“So I don’t think you should be in a situation that if you are vaccinated, you don’t ever have to worry about wearing a mask,” he added. “Vaccinated or unvaccinated under certain circumstances, masks work in diminishing the likelihood that you are going to get infected or that if you are infected and without symptoms, that you’re going to spread it to someone else. So it’s not an either/or.”

“You can do both and should do both,” Fauci finished.



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