Far-Left Democrat Maxine Waters Says Republicans Are Worse Than ‘Evil’

Maxine Waters Says Republicans Are Worse Than ‘Evil’

On Sunday, far-left Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters said that Republicans were worse than “evil.”

Waters made her comments on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show.”

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Waters: Republicans Are ‘Evil’

On the show, MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart brought up Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s recent pronouncement that, should the GOP take the House in 2022, some Democrats like Waters would be removed from their committee assignments.

The comment by McCarthy is in response to two Republicans, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, being removed from their committee assignments. 

Capehart set up Waters to complain about Greene’s recent comments that Kyle Rittenhouse should receive the Congressional Gold Medal.

But the real fireworks came during a panel segment.

Capehart said, “Let’s put up on the screen some recent sampling of the Republican’s violent rhetoric that we have seen. You see Boebert, her Islamophobic remarks against Congresswoman Omar. You have Congressman Gosar and the anime video. Marjorie Taylor Greene, that’s just two of many things she has done, including getting up in the face of Congresswoman Cori Bush so much so Congresswoman Bush moved her office because she felt threatened. Then you see Congressman Yoho for misogynistic remarks against about Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez among other things.”

Capehart then asked, “Congresswoman Waters, since you’re the only member of the House on this panel and on the show right now, are the Democrats going to hold onto the majority?”

Waters replied, “We’re working very hard and we know that they are taking every action they can possibly take to demonize us and speak to their constituency out there. That apology you alluded to, they simply know what they’re doing when they reach out to their constancy. They fire them all up. So the apology means nothing. As a matter of fact, she’s gone viral on that accusation. So, we are working very hard and we know that we’ve got to not only tell the people what we have done but how we have done it.”

Waters continued, “The American people are going to be able to distinguish between us and them. In the final analysis, we’re going to win. We’re going to beat them. We don’t take anything for granted.”

“We know that they’re evil,” Waters said. “We know that they lie. We know that they don’t give a darn about facts and so we’ve got to overcome that with the truth.”

Capehart followed up, “They’re evil? I mean, that’s a strong word, congresswoman.”

Waters doubled down, saying, “Worse than that. Worse than that. Evil. When you see the kind of attacks that you have talked about already, that’s constantly being made by them, that’s evil.”



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Waters Criticizes Republicans’ ‘Racism that they display all the time’

“I want you to know, I’m under attack also,” the Democrat insisted. “They tried to censure me and we beat them back with the majority that we have. Even Marjorie Taylor Greene, I believe, has something up to expel me from the Congress of the United States.”

“Can you imagine people with this kind of attitude and these kinds of actions and this kind of racism that they display all the time talking about expelling me or anybody else from Congress when, in fact, they shouldn’t even be there?” Waters finished.

Waters has a history of violent rhetoric. Most recently, she traveled to Minneapolis to agitate for protesters to “get more confrontational” if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was not found guilty of murder in the death of George Floyd.

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