Dr. Dean Lorich, an acclaimed trauma surgeon who famously criticized Bill and Hillary Clinton’s relief efforts in Haiti, was found dead in his New York City apartment on Sunday.

Lorich’s 11-year-old daughter found him dead in the bathroom with a knife in his chest.

Cops say there were no signs of forced entry into the apartment, and Lorich’s wife was playing tennis at the time. They’re treating his death as an apparent suicide – but who commits suicide by stabbing themselves in the chest?

Adding to the intrigue surrounding Lorich’s death is the fact that he openly criticized the relief effort in Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake. That relief effort was, of course, largely spearheaded by Bill and Hillary Clinton, who was serving as Secretary of State at the time.

Lorich witnessed the situation in Haiti firsthand. After traveling to the island, he wrote an email to a confidant describing the disaster. “Disaster management on the ground was nonexistent,” Lorich wrote. “The difficulties in getting in despite the intelligence we had from people on the ground and david helfet’s high political connections with Partner’s in Health as well as the Clintons only portended the difficulties we would have once we arrived.”

That email somehow ended up in the inbox of Hillary adviser Cheryl Mills, who forwarded it to Hillary.

Much like Seth Rich’s murder, based on the details we have thus far, Lorich’s death just doesn’t add up. The New York Post reports that Lorich had been stripped of his privileges to practice at New York-Presbyterian Hospital just days before his apparent suicide, so that could have played a factor. But again: A self-inflicted stab wound to the chest is an awfully strange way to commit to suicide, and one that seems like it would be very painful and slow. As a doctor, wouldn’t Lorich want it to be as quick and painless as possible?

Whatever the case, this is certainly a tragedy for Lorich’s family and the medical community.

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