Ex-FBI CNN Analyst Mocked For Comparing ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ To Pledging Allegiance to ISIS

Asha Rangappa, a CNN analyst and former special agent with the FBI, received blowback after equating a pilot saying 'Let's Go Brandon' to one announcing allegiance to ISIS.

Asha Rangappa, a CNN analyst and former special agent with the FBI, received blowback after apparently equating a pilot saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to one announcing their allegiance to ISIS.

The problem began when left-wingers had a collective meltdown over the weekend, after a journalist claimed that a pilot for Southwest Airlines on a Friday morning flight from Houston to Albuquerque concluded announcements over the intercom with the mundane phrase.

‘Let’s go Brandon’ represents a more palatable euphemism for a more vulgar phrase: ‘F*** Joe Biden.’

Southwest has opened up an investigation on the pilot after the online furor, stating that a “public expression of personal opinions while on duty is unacceptable.”

Rangappa found it to be even worse than that, appearing to conflate “Let’s go Brandon” to somebody pledging allegiance to ISIS.

“As an experiment, I’d love for a [Southwest Airline] pilot to say ‘Long live ISIS’ before taking off,” she said, then describing how such a scene would unfold.

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‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Isn’t The Same As Supporting ISIS

Needless to say, comparing an ISIS supporter to a pilot saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ isn’t quite the moral equivalence Asha Rangappa thinks it is.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) came right out and labeled the entire network “deranged” over her comments.

“No, as a factual matter, supporting genocidal religious zealots is not the same as disagreeing with the current President,” he felt compelled to point out.

Meanwhile, social media users were all over her comments, many simply pointing out the obvious.

“I wasn’t aware Brandon was a terrorist organization,” one joked, while another tweet added, “That’s because ISIS is a terrorist organization.”

Where was Rangappa when an American Airlines pilot threatened to dump Trump supporters off in Kansas?

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Media Loved Vulgar Chants For Trump

Asha Rangappa didn’t always despise free speech and negative commentary toward a sitting president.

In a since-deleted tweet from 2019, she defended people chanting “lock him up” toward former President Donald Trump.

Rangappa said the chant calls “for accountability” when the phrase is directed at Trump, of course.

Rangappa has courted controversy frequently, having doxxed a Yale intern last summer, saying 3D printed guns could lead to another 9/11, and suggesting Tucker Carlson is a threat to national security.

While those who disagree with Biden have managed to at least clean up their message, it’s important to note that the media didn’t always hate vulgar expressions of disgust towards a President.

Hollywood has-been Robert DeNiro in 2018 was censored at the Tony Awards for shouting “F*** Trump!” with raised arms and clenched fists as he soaked up the applause and ovation that followed.

Nobody called for his firing or said his comments were the same as having joined ISIS. In fact, he earned himself a little standing ovation amongst his peers.

There are other terrible examples.

It’s all little more than feigned outrage.

While Asha Rangappa is comparing the pilot to an ISIS militant, AP reporter Colleen Long, who happened to be on the Southwest flight in question, was nearly removed by her own account for trying to get a comment from the pilot by “asking them to open (a) locked cockpit,” something she admitted, “probably sounded insane.”


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