Even Former Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone Embarrassed As MSNBC Host Starts Crying About January 6th

In a recent interview with Jonathan Capehart, former Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone opened up about his personal experience during the January 6th riot, causing the MSNBC host to break down crying.
Screenshot: MSNBC YouTube Video

In a recent interview with MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart, former Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone opened up about his personal experience during the January 6th riot.

Capehart, visibly moved by Fanone’s story, pulled out a tissue and started crying while remembering the events of that day.

It took no time at all for Capehart to make a complete ass of himself, addressing the former officer immediately after the introduction.

“Officer Fanone, I’m gonna try to get through this,” the MSNBC host said, voice cracking with emotion. “Thank you, for what you did, three years ago today.”

Fanone was visibly uncomfortable with Capehart’s behavior as he stared down, looked away, and you can almost see the thought bubble appear above him reading: ‘WTF am I looking at right now?’

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Jonathan Capehart Makes Michael Fanone Look Rugged By Comparison

How bad does it have to be when Michael Fanone thinks you’re kind of embarrassing? The former Capitol Police officer is best known for his melodramatic testimony, which even his own colleagues have criticized as playing to the national media.

Testifying before the weaponized House committee ‘investigating’ the riot in 2021, Fanone cried and pounded on the table during his testimony, saying, “The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful.”

The emotional performance earned him a gig at CNN.

To be fair, Fanone does have a personal stake in what happened on January 6th.

He was dragged into a mob and beaten during the chaos at the Capitol. The officer suffered a heart attack during the melee and later publicly denounced lawmakers and others who downplayed the attack.

The man who pulled him into the crowd was sentenced to 90 months in prison.

Fanone was one of four police officers whose testimony before the House Select Hearing on the Capitol riot likewise moved former Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) to tears.

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Capehart Doubles Down In Stunning, Brave Fashion

Fanone later said watching Donald Trump get indicted made him as happy as the day Osama Bin Laden was killed.

“When I first learned about the indictment, I had a long conversation with a friend of mine, Ryan Reilly, and I told him how proud I felt to be an American at that moment,” he said. “Much in the way that I did when I learned that our military had killed Osama bin Laden. I just felt incredibly proud.”

That dude thinks you’re soft, Capehart. Get a grip.

For his part, Jonathan did not shy away from his fake crying act (he had a handkerchief in his suit pocket, but already had a separate prop one in his hand).

“And I’d do it again!” he bravely declared on X, adding a raised fist emoji.

Let’s hope Fanone and Capehart consoled each other after the segment and enjoyed a nice hot toddy together while sharing a good cry in their ‘hold the line’ footy pajamas.

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