Obama spent 8 years using the EPA to create new mandates without congressional approval, which hurt businesses and killed jobs.

Yet the EPA still allowed dirty water to flow through the city of Flint, Michigan for almost a year, without doing anything about it.

When Trump took over, investigators started noticing that EPA staff were using encrypted software to have private conversations about how to sabotage Trump’s reform plans. The liberal publication Politico actually broke this story.

Remember, the liberal staffers of the EPA who were in *actual* tears over President Donald J. Trump’s historic victory?

Now, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch is filing a lawsuit to get those secret conversations released!

This is awesome:

The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch sued the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday to disclose all communications made by EPA officials using special encryption software to undermine President Trump’s environmental agenda.

The group filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in district court in Washington, seeking all “communications sent or received by EPA officials who may have used the cell phone encryption application ‘Signal’ to thwart government oversight and transparency,” according to a statement.

Using the app could prevent federal agencies from complying with Freedom of Information requests because it bypasses the use of government servers. The group said the agency has a history of using personal communications devices to conduct official business, which is undermining its ability to fulfill its obligations under federal disclosure laws.

This employees work for the taxpayers, and there’s no reason why they should be able to communicate in secret to undermine their boss Scott Pruitt or President Trump.

Career bureaucrats are almost impossible to get rid of, so they must be handled forcefully in this way. Thankfully, Judicial Watch is taking the necessary legal action.

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