Trump Delivers EPIC 4 Word Warning to the GOP Establishment

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Republican candidate for President Donald Trump is warning his GOP colleagues who would rather see him drop out of the race, that it ain’t happenin’.

Trump responded to media reports that he was considering dropping out, a fabricated story based on his comments that he’d consider it if he were suddenly tanking in the polls.  As he’s not tanking, there’d be no reason to believe he’d get out.

Just in case that wasn’t clear to the slow and dishonest media, Trump gave a simpler answer –  “I’m never getting out.”

Listen to Trump’s answer to the Morning a Joe crew below…

Via CNN:

The real estate mogul said he was amazed at the reaction when he said on CNBC recently that he’d drop out of the race if he tanked in the polls.

“The next day headlines: ‘Trump considering maybe getting out,’ it was so ridiculous,” Trump said Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

So he decided to take a different tack to the panel’s repeated questioning about his longevity in the campaign.

“I’ll give more of a political answer: I’m never getting out,” he said to laughter.

Trump added that should his poll numbers hold,  and victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, etc. start piling up, there isn’t much the GOP could do to stop him.

“There’d be a revolution in the Republican Party if that (winning streak) happened,” he boasted. 

Comment:  Do you think Trump is in this race for the long haul?

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