Did Hillary Clinton Just Earn a $200 Fine In Iowa?


And she would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling reporters.

Video provided by KETV 7 appears to show Hillary Clinton’s ‘Sccoby Doo’ van parked in a handicapped parking space as she tours Iowa amongst the commoners.

RNC Communications Director, Raj Shah, made an announcement on Twitter.

Here is video footage of Clinton leaving what is described as a “private meeting.” The handicap sign can be seen in the clip.

Liberal media outlets quickly tried to cover for the Presidential candidate, saying she wasn’t parked there per se, rather she simply “momentarily paused” in the handicap space.

Still, CNN pointed out that if the van did not have a permit, the van’s driver could be subject to a $200 fine.  Fortunately, she’s no longer ‘dead broke‘ and could likely swing that fee.

What do you think of Clinton’s parking oversight – Much ado about nothing or more proof that she’s out of touch?


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