Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed legislation to withhold state funding for municipalities that defund the police.

The “Combating Violence, Disorder and Looting and Law Enforcement Protection Act,” was proposed by DeSantis on Monday, and was created in response to the violence seen across the country.

“Boldest And Most Comprehensive” Legislation Of Its Kind

The bill is part of a growing push back against the recent riots and the left-wing movement to defund the police.

DeSantis said that the bill is the “boldest and most comprehensive” legislation of its kind, as it creates “clear and predictable penalties” for anyone in the state of Florida who participates in “violent assemblies.”

Simply participating in these “violent assemblies” would count as a third degree felony.

Anyone who tears down a monument could be charged with a second degree felony, and obstructing traffic in roads would also count as a third degree felony.

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DeSantis: We Won’t Let Localities Defund The Police

DeSantis made clear that it wouldn’t just be the rioters who would be targeted under this bill, but any municipalities that defund the police in Florida would also be targeted.

“We are not going to permit localities to defund the police,” DeSantis said.

“If you defund the police, then the state is going to defund any grant or aids coming to you.”

He was joined at the press conference by Polk County Sheriff Judd.

“If you loot, the next thing you can try to steal is something for your food tray in the county jail,” Judd said.

“Because you’re going to jail. That’s a guarantee.”

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Taking Tips From The Justice Department?

It seems like DeSantis has been taking inspiration from the Justice Department. New York City, Portland and Seattle have been labelled as “anarchist jurisdictions” by the Department on Sunday, and have been targeted to have their federal funding removed.

The move is also reminiscent of Texas legislation that sought to defund sanctuary cities. That law was recently upheld by the U.S. Fifth Court of Appeals.

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Thank goodness the Republicans are actually doing something about these violent, leftist rioters, and leftist cities that want to take the protection of the police away from ordinary Americans.

Targeting their funding is absolutely the smart thing to do. They’ll moan and whine that President Trump is some sort of fascist, yet go cap in hand to his administration for funding anyway.