Democrats love unions – except where their own workers are concerned.

Being a campaign staffer is hard work. Staffers work ’round the clock for below-minimum-wage, receive spotty benefits and employee protections, and are subject to undue amounts of stress. Because of that, the Campaign Workers Guild (CWG), a group of “campaign workers from across the United States who are committed to improving our work conditions, empowering organizers, and promoting healthy career longevity,” are attempting to unionize.

But, ironically, progressive candidates and organizations are not on board with the group’s mission:

When workers on one self-proclaimed progressive’s congressional campaign decided to unionize, they ran into “classic union busting” tactics, according a former staffer, who asked that he and the campaign remain anonymous for fear of jeopardizing future job prospects.

After initially agreeing the sign the deal, campaign officials dragged their feet, the worker said, and then kicked the unionizing workers out of the office, forcing them to work remotely and call ahead before picking up campaign material.

Unsurprisingly, there are no Democrat lawmakers or officials who are willing to go on the record against the unionization of campaign workers. After all, isn’t the Democratic Party supposed to be the champion of labor rights?

Apparently not. “The Democratic Party, in particular, is a champion of labor rights, except where its own laborers are concerned,” CWG writes in its mission statement.

Is anyone surprised? Liberals love subjecting other people to their mandates, but they hate implementing them on themselves. We saw it with Obamacare when liberal members of Congress chose to opt out of the plan.

We see it in the gun control debate when liberal lawmakers advocate for stripping Americans of their inalienable rights while employing armed security details. And now we’re seeing it in their own campaigns. The hypocrisy is unreal and never-ending.

Of course, this isn’t to argue in favor of CWG. Besides the fact that unions are predatory, exclusive, money-guzzling outfits, it would be near impossible to unionize campaign workers.

Indeed, CWG is just drawing more attention to the fact that Democrats are complete hypocrites.

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