Congressional Democrats went full ‘Occupy Wall Street’ earlier today, when they staged a sit-in on the House floor to force a vote on gun control legislation.

Earlier this week, the Senate shot down four gun control proposals that had been added to a Department of Justice spending bill. Each amendment was voted against despite two of them being presented by Democrats, and two by Republicans.

Even though another compromise bill will be voted on possibly this week, Democrats decided they’d pull a political stunt akin to a child stomping their feet and throwing a tantrum.

The dreaded sit-in.

Via Politico:

More than two dozen House Democrats staged a “sit-in” on the House floor Wednesday in protest of GOP leadership’s refusal to allow a vote on a gun control measure following the Orlando massacre.

Led by Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), the civil rights icon, and more than 40 Democrats walked into the chamber just before noon and pledged to “occupy” the House floor until GOP leadership allowed a vote.

Democrats have tried numerous times over the past week to force a vote on a so-called “no fly, no buy” bill, which would bar terror suspects on the “no-fly” list from purchasing guns.

“We have been too quiet for too long,” Lewis said. “There comes a time when you have to say something. You have to make a little noise. You have to move your feet. This is the time.”

They’re essentially one step away from going full Occupy by setting up tents and urinating on cop cars.

As Weasel Zippers points out, the Democrat lawmakers are acting like petulant children.

“They already had a vote this week that they lost,” WZ writes. “A compromise bill is being proposed for a vote sometime in the near future, but Democrats are claiming Paul Ryan blocked vote on issue today. ”

“They (Democrats) want those on the ‘no fly list’ to not be able to get guns,” WZ added. “Due process? Not something they care about.”

Indeed, the pending compromise bill would allow authorities to block gun purchases by people who appear not only on the “no-fly” list, but also a generic “selectee” list in which the government randomly decides a person needs ‘extra scrutiny’ before flying.

Who do you think will require that extra scrutiny? Here’s a hint – The Department of Justice for years now has been applying their own ‘extra scrutiny’ to supposed right-wing, anti-government extremists. They’ve ignored radical Muslim extremists. Think that’ll change anytime soon?

Anyway, back to the hippie sit-in being conducted by professional politicians – This may be the best response we’ve seen yet:

Comment: Is a congressional sit-in when one party doesn’t get their way even vaguely professional behavior in your opinion? Share your thoughts below.

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