FLASHBACK: That Time Democrats Cheered Accused Rapist Bill Clinton After Impeachment

democrats cheer clinton

They want so desperately for you to believe they care about victims of sexual assault. They want you to think all women have a right to be believed when they make accusations. But they don’t.

Democrats have been caught up in a wave of Hollywood liberals and politicians being accused of sexual misconduct, practically forced to look within their own ranks to be taken seriously when they denounce others.

And who represents the face of sexual harassment or assault in the political world more than William Jefferson Clinton?

Unfortunately for the Democrat Party, the internet has been a boon for proving their hypocrisy. If you hear them saying something one day, it’s a safe bet there is video evidence of them saying the exact opposite in the past.

So when they hop on the bandwagon decades after the fact by trying to finally hold Clinton accountable, don’t buy it. This video right here is who they truly are …

To provide some background, this was the very day Clinton was impeached on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

The lovefest by the Democrats was also palpable inside the House chambers as the votes were tallied to impeach a President for only the second time in American history.

“When he finished he walked slowly up the Democratic side of the aisle, Democrats applauding him and hugging him as he moved along,” the New York Times reported. “The Republicans remained fixed in their seats.”

They were hugging and cheering the man after he had been impeached for lying about an extramarital affair with an intern in the Oval Office.

This is also a man who would shorty thereafter be publicly accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick.

Just earlier today, Broaddrick blasted NBC for refusing to broadcast the interview she did with the network when Congress was holding impeachment hearings over the Lewinsky scandal.

Even though that interview was withheld until after impeachment hearings, the Democrats still knew whom they were hugging and cheering.

The Lewinsky affair. Kathleen Willey had accused him of assault in 1998. Paula Jones had brought a sexual harassment lawsuit against him in 1994. And there were other stories swirling at the time as well.

So when Democrats claim the moral high ground and throw Clinton under the bus today, remember those that chose to shower him with applause back in 1998. They cheered a sexual predator. That’s who they really are.

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