Democrat Shoots GOP Symbol In New Campaign Ad


Estakio Beltran, a Democrat running for Congress in Washington’s 4th district, just released a campaign ad that should have anti-Second Amendment liberals in an absolute tizzy.

The ad shows Beltran playing tough guy to an apparently menacing elephant piñata, and taking it out with a single shot to it’s paper mache backside.

Laced with symbolism, the elephant represents the seat Beltran is running for, a seat being vacated by GOP congressman Doc Hastings who is retiring, and a position in which several other Republican elephants are pursuing.

Beltran asks, “What happens to elephants who stand around doing nothing for too long?”

The answer comes rather swiftly, with Beltran shooting the piñata. The innocent and completely unarmed elephant falls to its doom in dramatic slow-motion cinematography.

Bullet points of the Democrat’s qualifications follow, each accompanied with the sound of a gunshot — three in total.

Further solidifying the symbolism of the animals in question, Beltran is shown riding a donkey, presumably off to Congress.

Watch the video below…

Can you imagine the outrage on the left if a GOP candidate made a similar ad? They would immediately be denounced for encouraging violence against Dems.

The National Review analyzes the hypocrisy:

Showing off some marksmanship is a common theme in political ads, and reception varies depending on the candidate. Earlier this year, Republican senate candidate Joni Ernst in Iowa took target practice at a gun range during an ad in which she promised to “take aim” at Obamacare, which attracted some criticism on the grounds that she was making light of gun violence.

In 2011, liberals used retroactive outrage against gun-themed campaign material when they blamed the Tucson shooting massacre on Sarah Palin’s ‘target list’ during the 2010 mid-term elections.

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