Democrat Senator Says Republicans Abused ‘Corrupt’ Filibuster, Jake Tapper Reminds Him ‘You’ve Used It Too’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper reminded Senator Richard Blumenthal that his party has used the filibuster in the past after the Democrat insinuated it was 'corrupt' and suggested Republicans have 'abused' it. 

CNN anchor Jake Tapper reminded Senator Richard Blumenthal that his party has used the filibuster in the past after the Democrat insinuated it was ‘corrupt’ and suggested Republicans have ‘abused’ it. 

Blumenthal (D-CT) said his party is ready to abolish the filibuster because the GOP “overuse, abuse and misuse” it as a means to block their agenda.

The comments come after Republicans, using the filibuster, blocked a sweeping effort to nationalize elections.

“That’s why a lot of us, including many of our leaders, believe that we should tremendously modify the filibuster,” Blumenthal told Tapper.

“I’m in favor of abolishing it, but in the meantime, we can mobilize, support the American people to understand that dark money, the money that goes to elections without disclosure is determining the outcomes.”

Tapper introduced a slice of accidental journalism interjecting, “Senator, haven’t you voted in favor of filibustering Republican legislation, not allowing them to even proceed to a discussion, an amendment process, and debate on a bill?”

“You’re talking about it being corrupt, but you’ve used it, too,” Tapper pressed.

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Jake Tapper Reminds Richard Blumenthal That Democrats Have Used the Filibuster

Richard Blumenthal didn’t need a reminder from Jake Tapper about Democrat use of the filibuster. He could have just listened to his colleagues.

In an op-ed defending the filibuster as a tool for democracy just prior to the election reform vote, Democrat Senator Krysten Sinema pointed out that her own party has used it to further negotiations “toward better solutions.”

“A Democratic Senate minority used the 60-vote threshold just last year to filibuster a police reform proposal and a covid-relief bill that many Democrats viewed as inadequate,” Sinema (AZ) wrote.

“Those filibusters were mounted not as attempts to block progress, but to force continued negotiations toward better solutions.”

Senator Joe Manchin similarly argued that his party has used the filibuster in the past even as they portray it as ‘corrupt’ and an abuse of power.

“I will not vote to weaken or eliminate the filibuster,” said Manchin, pointing out that his party is determined to “conveniently ignore how it has been critical to protecting the rights of Democrats in the past.”

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Biden Accuses Republicans Of Voter Suppression

Hans von Spakovsky, an American attorney and a former member of the Federal Election Commission, said the election bill a Republican filibuster saved the nation from on Tuesday “would change election rules to make it easier to cheat and easier to manipulate election results.”

President Biden on the other hand didn’t quite see things that way, accusing the GOP of “voter suppression” and using his favorite new catchphrase – ‘Jim Crow’ – to describe their efforts.

“Senate Republicans opposed even a debate — even considering — legislation to protect the right to vote and our democracy,” Biden griped.

“They stood against the ongoing assault of voter suppression that represents a Jim Crow era in the 21st century,” he added.

Biden had a very different view of the filibuster as a Democrat senator in 2005.

“It is not only a bad idea – it upsets the constitutional design and it disservices the country,” Biden said in a speech arguing against abolishing the filibuster.

“No longer would the Senate be that ‘different kind of legislative body’ that the Founders intended,” he continued. “No longer would the Senate be the ‘saucer’ to cool the passions of the immediate majority.”

According to Fox News reporter John Roberts, Democrats have used the filibuster significantly more than Republicans over the past year.

By a ratio of 327 to 1.

In reality, it is the resistance Democrats who have ‘abused’ the filibuster.


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