Democrat Chris Murphy: We Have to Stop Trump from Trying to ‘Rig’ 2020 Election

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy defended his party’s impeachment inquiry on Sunday by accusing President Donald Trump of trying to ‘rig’ the upcoming 2020 election.

‘The conduct that I have seen has to be impeachable in a democracy’

Murphy made his comments on NBC News “Meet the Press, saying, “The president was trying to use the power of his office to influence the upcoming election. He was attempting to get a foreign power to destroy a candidate for office who was running against him in 2020. So this is directly relevant tore the sanctity of American elections.”

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“If you don’t stop a president from trying to rig an upcoming election, I don’t know how you live in a democracy,” Murphy said. “That’s why you had to use this means right now.”

“I think if this isn’t impeachable, I not sure what is,” Murphy added.

The senator concluded, “The conduct that I have seen has to be impeachable in a democracy.”

His comments beg the question: Since when did Sen. Murphy or his party care about democracy?

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Since When Have Democrats Cared About Democracy?

If there’s one thing Murphy and the Democrats have made abundantly clear, it’s that they have zero respect or interest in democratic elections. The American people voted Donald Trump into the White House in 2016 and Democrats have been doing everything they can to undo that vote ever since.

The impeachment inquiry is merely their latest tactic.

If anyone is trying to manipulate elections, its Democrats constantly trying to reverse the last one. Murphy and his liberal colleagues can’t try to pretend they are on high moral ground, as more Americans continue to see through that charade too.

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From Russian collusion to the Ukraine phone call–and even 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is accusing people of being in secret cahoots with the Russians–Democrats will try every trick in the book to undermine this President.

It isn’t working. In fact, Democrats like Chris Murphy and his his entire party are just contining to make themselves look worse.

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