Demo-cults: Today’s House Democrats Have Voted In Lockstep More Than Any Group In The Past 50 Years

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Statistics indicate that House Democrats have voted in lockstep with each other more than any other group of lawmakers in the past 50 years.

The news comes from a CNN analysis of statistics kept by Congressional Quarterly and Roll Call.

“House Democrats have recorded the highest level of party unity in floor votes that either party has reached in at least 50 years,” the report reveals.

They note the success Democrats have had in pushing legislation in line with their party’s platform:

“House Democrats have passed legislation on virtually every element of their party’s priority list – from the sweeping Build Back Better investment and social welfare package to bills setting a national floor for voting and abortion rights to major gun control proposals, legalization for big groups of undocumented immigrants and ambitious police reform.”

CNN points out that most votes only see dissent from two, one, or no Democrats. That is very nearly the definition of a cult.

Fortunately, they add, many of the bills end up blocked in the Senate due to Republican filibusters.

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Party Unity for the Democrats, Not So Much the Republicans

These statistics show that there really isn’t a dime’s bit of difference between the extreme socialist members of the House and the supposedly more centrist Democrats – they all hold the same radical views for our country.

Which makes comments from people like Liz Cheney seem even more absurd in retrospect. Cheney, you see, who has joined the Democrat cult on the Capitol riot committee, thinks the problem actually lies within the GOP.

“I think there is absolutely a cult of personality around Donald Trump,” she said.

Now, she sits on a panel living in an absolute bubble of ‘orange man bad’ groupthink. The irony.

Democrat Unity is Breaking Records

The Roll Call numbers also show that the average party unity in each chamber for the Democrats is at historic levels.

Democrats in the House voted together 98% of the time, the highest rate on record.

In the Senate, Democrat unity stood at 97%, the highest level in history.

Republican unity in the House was also quite high, likely a response to the majority constantly forcing through legislation.

In the Senate, it’s been a different story. The GOP senators unified at a rate of 84%, the lowest level since 2016.

President Trump lamented that fact, practically admiring Democrats for sticking together regardless of the situation.

“They’re vicious and they stick together. They don’t have Mitt Romney in their midst. They don’t have people like that,” he said. “They stick together. You never see them break off…”

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