Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles Pushes Back Against Backlash From Recent Speech: “I’m Just Not Really a ‘Genocide’ Kind of Guy”

Michael Knowles, host of the Michael Knowles Show at the Daily Wire, isn’t letting the protests and media hit jobs phase him since his recent CPAC speech targeting transgenderism.

During a speaking event titled, ‘How Feminism Destroys Women (And Everything Else,’ at the University of Buffalo, the lecture was paused due to the constant interruption by protestors shouting “Trans Lives Matter” before they were removed from the venue by event security.

Knowles responded to the crowd, “I especially want to thank those people in the audience, because even though they’re trying to interrupt the talk they are showing a lot of bravery for even coming into this auditorium with such an allegedly genocidal maniac.”

Knowles ‘genocidal maniac’ quip is in reference to the various headlines regarding his CPAC speech where he said conservatives must fight for a “complete eradication of transgenderism from public life.” Since then, the media has  attempted to paint him as a potentially dangerous, threatening person towards people who surgically attempt to change their biological sex.

Without context, it would make sense that with limited information you’d think that was a genuine threat— but context matters.

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What Was Really Said

“I didn’t know that I was a genocidal maniac before this week,” Knowles added to the student body in attendance at the University of Buffalo lecture. “But I read about it in Rolling Stone and The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post… I’m just not really a ‘genocide’ kind of guy.”

During the CPAC speech which sparked the left-wing uproar, Knowles made a case that progressive gender ideology that we’re seeing in society now is harmful to our culture and prosperity as a people.

“For the good of society and especially for the good of the poor people who have fallen prey to this confusion, transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely, the whole preposterous ideology — at every level,” said Knowles.

Combatting an ideology vs eradicating an entire people are two entirely separate things; I can’t believe some people need it spelled out for them still.

I think veganism is atrociously stupid and that Prius drivers are essentially part of a cult, but you don’t see me throwing steaks at people drinking soy milk or bashing Prius windows. Why? Because debate and violence are absolutely two different things. I don’t want to have harm come to you just because I think you have a harmful diet and drive a trash vehicle.

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Yet They Yell and Yell and Yell

Despite the fact that Knowles was discussing the gender ideology movement that transgenderism falls under and not in any way targeting people who identify as transgender, this didn’t stop left-wing outlets and even politicians from attempting to rip into him.

“I am not quite sure how someone could hear those words and conclude that I was calling to murder all the transvestites,” Knowles added. “When one calls to eradicate poverty, one is not calling to murder the poor. When one calls to eradicate cancer one is not suggesting that we ought to murder cancer patients.”

One of the individuals to jump on the anti-Knowles/genocide bandwagon was New York Democratic Congressman Jamaal Bowman, who tweeted “Michael Knowles is a Nazi hellbent on keeping only white men alive and in power.”

Bowman’s tweet continued, “We cannot allow him and others to push their evil agenda and we must stand up for the transgender rights. CPAC has made one thing clear this year — they support a future run by Nazis like Knowles.”

When remarking on the Congressman’s tweet, Knowles said “I think I struck a nerve.”

As for all the outlets that accused him of horrendous things, he’s more than prepared to take them to court for libel, stating that his legal counsel has already informed several outlets to “Change the headlines before you get sued into oblivion.”

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