Conservatives Blast ‘Star Trek’ Actor George Takei For Telling Americans To ‘Endure’ Higher Food And Gas Prices To Harm Putin

Conservatives Blast George Takei For Telling Americans To ‘Endure’ Higher Food And Gas Prices To Harm Putin
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Former “Star Trek” actor and outspoken left-winger George Takei received a lot of criticism on social media over the weekend, after a Friday tweet in which he asked Americans to simply “endure” higher food and gas prices to hurt Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As many Americans have noticed, food and gas prices have been rising at a rapid clip since President Biden entered office – and it’s only gotten worse since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Millionaire Takei Won’t Be Affected

Takei tweeted, “Americans: We can endure higher prices for food and gas if it means putting the screws to Putin. Consider it a patriotic donation in the fight for freedom over tyranny.”

It didn’t take long for others to take verbal aim at the actor.

“Hey rich guy, you can endure this, but us working class people, this is crushing us. But what do you [care] looking down your nose at the people who make your world run…” podcaster Britt Griffith tweeted along with a photo of gas being over $6.

Lawyer and YouTuber Viva Frei tweeted out Takei’s own words along with an image showing the actor’s net worth.

“You really wanna put the screws to Putin? Get Biden out of office,” Matt’s Idea Shop tweeted.

“There was a time when we had Putin under control AND low gas prices,” the tweet read. “But you were too busy screaming about ‘Russian collusion’ for three years to even notice.”

Code of Vets noted that millions of Americans don’t make or have as much money as George Takei.

“Many American and veteran[s] live paycheck to check barely surviving now,” the veterans’ nonprofit tweeted.. “This post is out of touch with the average American.”

Independent progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald even said Takei’s tweet reflected the arrogance of elites.

“I think this sermon to Americans about the great value and need to ‘endure’ higher prices for food and gas, valid or not, should stop being delivered by rich celebrities and television pundits who won’t even notice anything different,” Greenwald wrote.

“It’s easy to demand *others* ‘sacrifice,” he added.

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Takei’s Remarks Echo Biden’s

Takei’s comments can be compared to what President Joe Biden said right after Russia invaded Ukraine.

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Biden said on March 1 regarding sanctions and other market interruptions due to the war, “As I said last week, defending freedom will have costs for us as well, here at home.”

“We need to be honest about that,” the president added.

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