‘Conservative’ Supreme Court Rejects Religious Objections To New York Vaccine Mandate

The Supreme Court rejected a pair of emergency requests for health care workers with religious objections to New York state's vaccine mandate.

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a pair of emergency requests for health care workers with religious objections to New York state’s vaccine mandate.

It could perhaps rank as one of the lowest points for a supposedly ‘conservative’ majority court to date.

That conservative majority neither ‘conserved’ the Constitution nor stood for one of the bedrock foundations of this nation in freedom of religion.

“The Supreme Court turned away two applications from doctors and nurses in the state for injunctive relief to allow religious exemptions while litigation continues in the lower courts over the mandate’s constitutionality,” Fox News reports.

The case addresses the fact that New York allows exemptions for those with medical objections but not for people with religious objections.

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Supreme Court Cowers To Vaccine Mandates Again

The Supreme Court once again failed to stand up for religious objections in regards to the vaccine mandate despite having a 6-3 conservative majority.

In reality, it’s closer to 5-4 with Chief Justice John Roberts consistently ruling alongside liberals during his tenure.

That said, only three justices dissented in the case – Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch.

Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, both appointees of former President Donald Trump, sided with the liberal faction in refusing to block the vaccine edict.

The New York Times notes that rulings on emergency applications typically provide no reasoning for their decision.

Justice Neil Gorsuch however, chided the New York vaccine mandate for turning away the doctors and nurses once heralded as heroes that the state relied on throughout the course of the pandemic.

“We do all this even though the State’s execu­tive decree clearly interferes with the free exercise of reli­gion—and does so seemingly based on nothing more than fear and anger at those who harbor unpopular religious be­liefs,” Gorsuch wrote.

“We allow the State to insist on the dismissal of thou­sands of medical workers—the very same individuals New York has depended on and praised for their service on the pandemic’s front lines over the last 21 months,” he continued.

Gorsuch added that he hopes the latest Supreme Court ruling on vaccine mandates is not “the final chapter in this grim story.”

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Becoming A Trend

Unfortunately, the outlook does appear to be grim based on past rulings in which the Supreme Court failed to protect religious freedom and failed to stand up to unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

In October, Justice Stephen Breyer declined to hear an emergency appeal regarding a religious challenge to a vaccine mandate for health care workers in Maine.

That same month, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a far-left member of the bench, refused to block New York City’s requirement that public school teachers and employees be vaccinated.

Sotomayor was disinterested in the argument, opting not to refer the matter to the full court, declining to request the New York City Department of Education file a response, and refusing comment on her denial.

Amy Coney Barrett has been a consistent source of disappointment when it comes to the vaccine mandate.

Barrett, an appointee of President Donald Trump, denied a bid to block one such effort in August by Indiana University students.

She too acted alone and did not refer the matter to the full court.

Lower Federal courts, at the very least, have consistently shot down the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate time and time again.

Those cases challenging the Biden’s vaccine mandates affecting the private sector may soon reach the Supreme Court as well.

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Gorsuch’s point about health care workers being cast aside has been proven accurate.

Once lauded as heroes on the front line, New York State estimates that about 37,000 health care workers have left their jobs as a result of the vaccine mandate.

It’s a disgrace that the Supreme Court of the United States is teaming up with New York state to create a health care crisis all under the guise of stopping a pandemic.


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